How the Best Dubai Computer Shops Are Gearing Up for the Gaming Industry Trends

When digital games were introduced in the late 1970s, no one expected gaming to become a billion-dollar industry. It’s an industry that draws in more profit than Google and Amazon. But the industry is hit with new and unpredictable trends every year. Here’s how the finest computer shops are preparing for another decade of unpredictable trends.

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Understanding the Trends

In 2019, the global gaming industry was valued at $120.1 billion. PC games alone raked in $29.6 billion. Even though people suggest that mobile games are behind the rise of the gaming industry, the truth is that PC and Console gaming’s rapid growth was always inevitable. That’s because the number of modern-day gamers is massive, and the major gaming, PC, and console companies are not meeting their demands –

  • 4/10 internet users in the world are gamers (regardless of the device).
  • Males dominate the gaming community on all devices.
  • Smartphones are attracting the most gamers. Smartphone gaming is also the field where women are best-represented.

How is the gaming industry sustaining such an omnipresent nature, irrespective of the trends and shifts in the industry? Simple. The top sellers in the best Dubai computer shops are preempting these trends and making necessary adjustments to their business plans.

Some of the trends these experienced tech sellers expected to thrive in the coming decade include –

Data Analysis

Both games and the process of selling gaming-related products have become entirely data-driven. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are making it possible to assess behavioral data from in-game activities and engagements. Using these assessments, gaming and tech companies can answer questions like –  

  • What percentage of players complete the game?
  • In which level of a game are players most likely to quit?
  • Which launching platform are the players using?
  • Are players’ characters holding items like ammo, weapons, etc.?
  • Are the gamers left or right-handed?
  • Are they playing in a POV mode or a general-view mode?
  • How many players continue paused games?
  • How many players invest in in-game purchases?
  • How much time is each player spending on the game?

Game makers use this information to encourage more in-game purchases. For instance, a player who constantly uses certain weapons is more likely to engage in the game’s “freemium” business model if he is targeted with ads displaying the weapons he prefers.

This data is extremely helpful for PC and gaming laptop sellers as well. Using this data, they can accordingly stock their stores. They can choose the types of devices that support the most in-demand games.  


The term ‘gamification’ is often used to describe the “freemium” business model that many game makers adopt. Playing these games is almost like visiting a shop. Upon each visit, gamers are treated to a wide range of virtual objects on sale for actual currency.

But, physical gaming stores are also becoming ‘gamified.’ These expert sellers who want to lure shoppers back into their stores will have to provide interactive gaming experiences.

That’s why the best tech or PC stores in the world have websites that reward customers with discounts. They offer ‘customer points’ for completing certain tasks (for instance, visit a section of the store to earn bonus points).

These types of ‘gamified’ marketing plots will become more and more prevalent across all the best tech or PC stores across the world.

5G Gaming

Compared to the cellular data capabilities that gamers received by switching from 3G to 4G, the switch to 5G will be pathbreaking.

Gaming performances, irrespective of the device they’re played on, depending on the internet speed and latency. Presently, most super-fast 4G networks offer ten milliseconds internet speeds. Even though that sounds super-fast, it’s super-slow in terms of competitive gaming.

With 5G, users will receive a latency of 1 millisecond. As soon as 5G is deployed across the world, gaming companies will open the floodgates of innovation. The games will be crispier, faster, contain more graphics, and accessible to more people. To prepare for this trend, top PC stores across the world are –

  • Adding high-definition monitors to their stocks
  • Investing in keypads that can transmit data as fast as the 5G network
  • Adding gaming peripherals to their catalogs as a common theme of all 5G-powered games will be immersion. To add to the immersive quality of 5G-powered games, top PC stores offer innovative gaming accessories at cost-effective rates.  

What Can Gamers Do to Prepare for These Trends?

Gamers shouldn’t be afraid of these innovations and trends. Instead, they should look forward to a decade of exciting games. However, there are some precautions every gamer must take –

  • Budget – Instead of overspending on in-game purchases, buy the latest hardware that supports the latest games.
  • Prioritize – In 2020, Sonic the Hedgehog had the most successful opening ever for a video game-based movie. Merchandising is a key tactic that the video game industry will use to collect revenue. Gamers should prioritize their purchases and only invest in the essential hardware/digital items they need to improve their gaming experiences.
  • Buy from top sellers – As long as gamers keep purchasing their hardware from reputable stores, they won’t have to increase their spending.

Prepare for a changing gaming industry now!

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