Starting a Photographic Mugs and Sports Bottles Business

photographic mugsPhotographic mugs are great for freebies and corporate giveaways, promotional items, Christmas gifts, souvenirs for weddings, birthdays, valentines, baptisms and other personal celebrations. You can sell it to your friends and neighbors, to schools, companies and other business establishments and make added income.

How to Make Photographic Mugs and Sports Bottles


* Coated ceramic mug
* Coated sports bottle
* Dye sublimation transfer paper
* Thermal pad extension
* Heat resistant tape
* Dye sublimation ink
* Mug heat press machine


Step 1. Create a design or make use of available graphic art. Some clients already have their own concept and designs, but others will ask you to design it for them. Then print the design on the dye sublimation transfer paper. Make sure you load the printer with the dye sublimation ink.

Step 2. Wrap the transfer paper around the mug, with the design facing the mug. Make sure you’re using a coated mug or a coated sports bottle; otherwise, the ink won’t transfer properly unto the surface.

Step 3. Secure the transfer paper with the heat-resistant tape.

Step 4. Put a plain mug (not the one you’re designing) into the mug holder of the mug heat press just to absorb its heat during the pre-heating stage. Set the mug heat press at 180oC and preheat it for 3 to 4 minutes. When the heat reaches a temperature of 180oC you can already use it continuously if you’re making many mugs in one go.

Step 5. Replace the plain mug with the one wrapped with the transfer paper. Heat it for 3 minutes. As a rule, 90 percent of the ink should be transferred onto the mug, with the remaining 10 percent staying on the paper.

Step 6. Remove the mug from the machine and let it cool down before peeling off the transfer paper.


Follow the same procedure used in doing photographic mugs from Step 1 to Step 4.

Step 5. Since a sports bottle is narrower than a mug, you need to put the thermal extension pad on the heat press. Then you need to preheat the machine again so that the thermal pad will also be heated.

Step 6. Put the sports bottle that has been wrapped with the transfer paper unto the mug holder of the heat press machine. Heat it for 3 minutes. If your design extends to the top of the bottle, turn the bottle upside down and heat it for another 3 minutes.

Step 7. Remove from the machine and let it cool down before peeling off the transfer paper.

Where to buy supplies:
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Telephone: (02) 771-1959; 772-1378 to 79
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Email: sales@graficad-inc.com
Website: www.graficad-inc.com

Source: Mishell Malabaguio –entrepreneur.com.ph

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