Yum in Black! 5 Bizarre Ways Squid Ink Can Be Used in Your Food!

Many sumptuous dishes and favorite eats come in vibrant colors that surely attract you just by seeing them. Their appearance adds life and excitement to your foodie experience! And it’s undeniable that their looks affect how they impress you and how you start to enjoy them. 

But what if your food isn’t colorful at all but rather dark? What if your food is black? What if it’s too black that it doesn’t look like a meal that will cheer you up after a long, tiring day? 

Well, talk about squid ink. It’s nothing but black. When you eat black squid, you will get your mouth, including your lips, tainted black; that’s for sure! Because of its color, some people don’t like eating it, even if it’s served as fresh seafood

Surprisingly, people have thought of and discovered different ways to add squid ink to food, making it unique and interesting! Possibly, it’s also a way for those people who don’t like eating squid to be enticed to try it since squid ink is used in meals they probably eat daily or regularly. 

Below are 5 “bizarre” ways squid ink can be used and added to your food!


Yum in Black! 5 Bizarre Ways Squid Ink Can Be Used in Your Food! 1

Pexels – SeriousEats – Squid Ink Pasta

This one’s not new; actually it’s the most common squid ink combination you encounter. Squid ink added to any type of pasta makes your Squid Ink Pasta, obviously. 

You can decide which kind of pasta to use. You can have fettuccine, linguine, macaroni, fenne and many more as you desire! It would be lovely and even tastier if you will add some other fresh seafood aside from the squid itself. Put some fresh shrimps, scallops or crabs to make your squid ink pasta even healthier and heartier. 

Pasta is a good source of Glucose which is an essential fuel for the muscles and the brain. Eating enables you to look after your cholesterol levels well since it is very low in Sodium and has zero Cholesterol. 

Meanwhile, when you eat squid ink, your heart is shielded from disagreeable factors that might lead to illnesses. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is what squid ink aims to do, and It enhances during the expansion of blood vessels. 

Cooking Squid Ink Pasta is something you will not regret! Even your picky-eater kiddos will love it!


Yum in Black! 5 Bizarre Ways Squid Ink Can Be Used in Your Food! 2

Source – España Fascinante – Squid Ink Burger

You’re used to golden, glazed-looking buns, but how about you try black burger buns made with squid ink? Well, it’s using full-black buns. What’s amazing with this Squid Ink Burger is that the fillings of the burger is like given more emphasis. Since the black color seems like a border or a frame that carries the meat, the veggies, the cheese and everything else inside the buns, the fillings are highlighted! 

Since the insides are vibrant and the outsides are black, there’s a certain contrast in the food itself. It makes you see even more clearly what the fillings are. You will not be fooled because you can easily see if the buns are filled.  

You know how burgers can also be one of the alternatives to rice for your meal. Choose your buns well if you’re making your own Squid Ink Burger!


Yum in Black! 5 Bizarre Ways Squid Ink Can Be Used in Your Food! 3

Source – Pinterest – Squid Ink Prawn Crackers

You can also have your snacks in squid ink presence! It might be weird for your friends to see at first, and kids might be very hesitant to taste it because of its look, but Squid Ink Prawn Crackers might become your family’s next favorite snack during movie nights! 

Munch on crunchy crackers! You will definitely enjoy it plus knowing that squid ink has tons of health boons will make you even crazier for Squid Ink Prawn Crackers! Squid ink helps in reducing acid occurrences within your stomach. The nutrients and antioxidants found in it also play an important role in nourishing the body’s immune system.

It’s mind-blowing when you realize that it’s “prawn” and “squid” in one piece of crispy chips!


Yum in Black! 5 Bizarre Ways Squid Ink Can Be Used in Your Food! 4

Source – Flickr_Squid Ink

When you eat dim sum, you usually see how white and even transparent they usually are. You can sometimes see the filling from outside. 

Well, you have to try the Squid Ink Dim Sum! It’s the total opposite of what you commonly encounter! There’s this feeling you get that makes you think that black ink will immediately flow out of the dim sum once you pop it. 

Served with a delectable tea, your bite-sized Squid Ink Dim Sum could be your lovely brunch to start the day right and bright!


Yum in Black! 5 Bizarre Ways Squid Ink Can Be Used in Your Food! 5

Source – Flickr_SquidInkPizza

Pizza is a favorite of many people, and it’s simply irresistible! Whether it’s for parties or late-night movie marathons, pizzas can never go wrong! 

Cheese, Hawaiian, Pepperoni and many other flavors are there to choose from, but here’s something that you make you wonder! The Squid Ink Pizza takes pizza presentation to a whole new level. 

Well, you get your pizza in black, and that’s basically what makes it very interesting and also nerve-racking! You might mistake it for the plate, but check it out carefully, the black border is actually the crust!



Squid ink is one of the most unique food elements because of its color. If you’re a fan of black squid, you will absolutely love these inked foods! If you’re not however, this might be a golden chance for you to give it a try! 

Make your delicious food unique and visually appealing with the squid ink’s power!


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