How To Prepare Your Home For Guests This Christmas

The Christmas period is usually the busiest part of the year filled with shopping for presents, cooking, and holding or attending various parties. All these require preparing your home for the season. Managing all this is very overwhelming especially when you are expecting family and friends to come over. To save you the trouble, here is a cheat sheet to saving you the hassle of preparing your home for Christmas.

Image credit: betterchoicecleaning.com
Image credit: betterchoicecleaning.com

Plan a grand entrance

Guests will first notice your home’s entrance. So, you have to make a great impression. The first step to preparing to tweak your home entrance is to eliminate all leaves from the walkway and to mow the lawn. You can always use the service of professional cleaners to do the dirty work for you. Afterward, invest in a nice welcome mat. Look for one with a Christmas holiday theme if possible and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Light up the area around the front door and inside the house with some fairy lights. The lights for placing outdoors should be weatherproof to avoid damage.

Use disguise

Plan to use some form of disguise to give your home a spectacular look to impress everyone. You can use some smoke or create a mirror effect. Candles or dim lights significantly hide certain areas while highlighting your Christmas tree to make it the focal point. Disguising is a wonderful idea to keep some areas you are not proud of from getting noticed by your guests. Everyone will appreciate your effort to maintain such a hygienic and clean place.

Professional cleaning

You need special cleaning when expecting guests for the holiday season. A professional cleaning service in Houston Texas will differently clean your home better than regular weekly or spring cleaning. These will focus on particular areas that are likely to be frequented by your guests including the bathroom and kitchen. Professional cleaners will give your home thorough cleaning to keep your space sparkling before the guests arrive.

Before the cleaners arrive, make a checklist of important areas to focus on during the cleaning process. Some of the most important places in a home not to ignore for the guests include dining areas, hallways, and guestrooms. Professional cleaners have the appropriate equipment and knowledge of how to clean particular areas and items including the windowsills, fireplaces, and bookcases. This will ensure that guests won’t find traces of dust on your items.

Decluttering matters

The last thing to wish for when expecting gusts is a cluttered home. It is very important to gather all magazines newspapers, clothes, and other unnecessary items and stashing them away. These items should be kept away from areas that your guests will use including the dining room and lounge area. Fortunately, your team of professional cleaners will handle this on behalf. You just have to let them know where to keep particular items.

Guests expect the utmost comfort at your home. Therefore, offer enough seating space. When expecting a big number, offer additional seating and remove the tables and kids’ toys that might eat up sizeable space. Christmas celebrations come with endless food, so create more room in your fridge. This requires getting rid of items you haven’t used for a while. Ensure to do this before your Christmas shopping to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Have guest essentials handy

When expecting guests you are to sleep over, prepare for them some essential items. This is very important because people don’t usually travel with a lot of items when traveling especially during this hectic season. Have basic items ready for guests in the guest room and bathroom. Here is a checklist of some items to keep handy.

  • New bathing soap
  • Towels on the bed
  • Shampoo or conditioner
  • Some  fresh flowers for the bathroom and bedroom

Plan some fun activities

Ensure to plan some activities for the kids. These will keep them occupied and not run around the whole house with guests around. Plan some entertaining activities to keep them busy. Some of these include:

  • Making wreaths
  • Cookie swapping
  • Bike riding
  • Games at the local park
  • Watching Christmas movies
  • Making Christmas ornaments

Some guests are likely to come with their kids. So, ensure to prepare enough materials for all the kids to keep them busy. This will give you peace of mind to focus on other holiday festivities and tasks to make the most of the season.

Wrapping up

Christmas is a wonderful moment for family and friends to get together and make merry. When expecting friends and family over for Christmas, preparing your home before the season heats up is very important. With a variety of tasks to handle, you can save yourself the hassle of cleaning your home by hiring a team of professional residential cleaners. These will come with the appropriate equipment and expertise to ensure every corner of your home is sparkling for the guests to appreciate.

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