A Breakdown Of Virtual Office Services

Nowadays, the business landscape is a much more open place than what it was just a few short years ago. The rise of online businesses, remote working possibilities and improved technologies have given entrepreneurs more opportunities than ever before. And, with the amount of information readily accessible, great online resources available and engaged communities to join, it’s arguably easier than ever to get your business idea off the ground.

A Breakdown Of Virtual Office Services 1


While Thailand’s startup scene is still relatively young, there are some major initiatives being rolled out in the country, creating excitement in the local and international business community. More than 108 million dollars has been invested in startup funding with huge opportunities available in a number of industries such as e-commerce, fintech and logistics. With so many opportunities on offer, many business owners are looking at virtual offices such as those found here: www.servcorp.co.th/en/virtual-offices/, as a viable way of finding affordable office space to get their venture off the ground while having access to a business address at a prestigious business location in Bangkok.

Continue reading below to learn more about a virtual office setup and how this alternative office solution can benefit your business.

Physical Business Address

A virtual office is just that, virtual. However, with a virtual office, you also gain access to a physical business address in Bangkok, allowing your clients and suppliers to have a way to reach you.

A physical address gives a more professional image of your company and is better perceived than a home office address for example, which looks amateur by comparison. With a virtual office, you don’t necessarily have access to the physical office space but you can still enjoy the benefits of a physical business address in the right area of the city.

Instant Credibility

More than just having a physical business address to associate with your company, premium providers offer virtual office solutions at prestigious, sought-after locations. Being associated with an address like this gives your business instant credibility in the local business community. Investors and clients will look more favorably on your company and see you as a true contender in the marketplace.

Being able to instantly bolster the image of your business in this way allows you access to more opportunities, quicker. You don’t have to spend as much time trying to convince your clients that you’re a reputable company as your office address will do that for you.

Reliable Support Staff

Premium virtual office providers offer support staff as part of your monthly package at no extra cost. A dedicated receptionist will be on hand to answer your calls when they come in to your dedicated local phone number. They can take a message or forward the call to a number of your choosing, whether that is your own private number, a virtual assistant or a team member in another location.

Mail forwarding services are also available so that all of the mail sent to your virtual office address, reaches you when you need it. This allows you to maintain a local presence while you might be away on business in another city or even another country.

Flexible Contracts

In the modern business environment, it’s crucial that you remain adaptable. A virtual office allows you to just that as you’re not tied into a long-term, expensive lease that offers no flexibility. Instead, leases are month-to-month and can be transferred to another location if required.

You will also have access to additional facilities such as boardroom and meeting rooms should you need to meet with clients in a professional environment. These are on a pay-as-you-use basis, allowing for even more flexibility in your monthly budget.

Why You Should Utilize Virtual Offices

A virtual office offers an unparalleled level of flexibility to business owners looking to enter expand their operations, open their first office or enter new markets. You will have access to a prestigious address which will give your business instant credibility and help to bolster your company image.

With flexible contracts and reliable support staff, you have all of the tools you need to project a professional image of your company and attract more clients. Virtual offices allow you to grow and expand your business with confidence and build a business that will enjoy success for many years to come.

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  1. Virtual offices are really helpful for startups or freelancers. Here in our country, we have lots of virtual offices and coworking spaces in the Manila area that we can utilize. I think virtual offices will continue to thrive in the following 10 to 15 years and it is a good investment.

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