The top 4 advances in google pay in 2018

There are many ways people are able to make payments without the use of cash. The advancement in technology has enabled many cashless options for making payments. Google Pay is one such means of making payments in stores, online and in other places without the use of cash. With Google Pay, it is easy to check out in stores and keep your information secure and safe. In this article, we shall discuss the many ways the use of Google Pay in mBank app has revolutionized mobile money payments in the Czech Republic.

Here are 4 advances in Google Pay in 2018:

  1. Mobile integration

In the Czech Republic, it is now possible to use Google pay with your mobile phones and make payments at terminals and other accepted means of payments. The integration of the mBank app and Google Pay means that you will not need to carry cash or cards when making purchases in the Czech Republic. Just download the mBank app and make the right registration. All you have to do is place the phone on the payment terminals of outlets and all your payments are going to be smooth. This is available all over the Czech Republic.

  1. Integration with payment cards

It is also possible to integrate your payment cards with Google pay. The advantage of doing this is that your card details are never shared when you are making payments. You can add your cards on the Google Pay app and this is an easy thing to do. With the card integration, you can keep tabs of your payments and other transactions. In the Czech Republic, there are many cards that you can integrate with your Google Pay app to make payments easy. You can integrate the app with debit cards such as mKarta, mKontu for children and so on. The app can also be integrated with credit cards such as mKreditka, mKreditka e-shop, mKreditka Plus and so on.

  1. Google Pay integration with banking

This is also another feature of Google pay in the Czech Republic. The fact that the mBank app is used in banking is a testimony of the spread and use of Google Pay in banking integration. All one needs to do is integrate their bank account with the Google pay app or the mBank app. With this feature, it has become possible to make payments and savings to and from your bank account in The Czech Republic.

  1. The future of digital banking and payments in the Czech Republic

From the above, we can deduce that Google pay will revolutionize the digital banking platforms in the Czech Republic. With the Google Pay app and its integration with cards and mobile money platforms, it should be quite easy to make payments in supermarkets, pay school fees and also make payments in food eateries and restaurants. The future can only be bight when it comes to mobile money, apps, and banking. Sooner, people may not have to walk into banking halls to make transactions as all they need can be done online and, on their phones, all thanks to mBank app and Google Pay technologies.


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