Why BPO Companies Aren’t as Bad as You Think

One of the biggest industries you can find in the Philippines is the BPO (business process outsourcing) industry. Currently, there are many BPO companies including call centers and digital content solutions residing in the various commercial hubs located not only in Metro Manila, but also in Cebu City.

Major international corporations have chosen this country due to its high number of educated graduates that can communicate English well. Unfortunately, most Filipinos today still have a stigma regarding call center agents and BPO companies even though they aren’t really as bad as they seem; here are 5 reasons to explain why.

Great Benefits and Competitive Compensation

Today, a number of Filipino job seekers look for opportunities in the BPO industry because its compensation and benefits are much more competitive compared to other industries. Workers employed by BPO companies are given generous remunerations such as annual salary increase, performance-based bonus, free meals, company stock shares, life insurance, and health insurance on top of the regular salary they will be receiving. Of course, these benefits will be given depending on the companies themselves.

Global Exposure

Global exposure is something you can only gain from the BPO industry as well as its numerous companies. This is mainly because they are multinational corporations coming from different countries in the world – which means that for you to be employed under their business you will need to expose yourself to their corporate models, etiquette, and (most importantly) culture. You can use this experience as a stepping stone that will prepare you for (a possible) promotion in the organization.

Develop the Best Field Practices

An employee cannot simply work in a BPO company and environment without developing certain skill sets. Call centers and other BPO corporations understand this and are ready to provide the proper training to their new hires. Professional mentors, (online) classes, and other learning avenues will be given to these people in order to teach them leadership programs, soft skills, product knowledge, and the best field practices they can currently learn in the industry.

Career Growth Opportunities

Career growth opportunities in the form of a promotion can easily come to BPO employees – particularly if the company they are working for is continuously growing. They are going to train their current staff so that they can take on future leadership positions while new applicants will replace their previous roles.

There are other departments you could also explore in a BPO company such as the workforce, technical, and leadership managements. It would depend on you which role you should take on once you are ready for your promotion.

Financial Security and Stability

The BPO industry is globally expanding despite various others closing down and being virtually eliminated. Pioneer companies in this industry are actually remaining robust and strong. New and old investors are also pouring millions of funds into this industry, which means that getting a job in a BPO company would mean that you will have stability as well as financial security.

As you can see, BPO companies offer so much not only to the economy but also to their employees. The next time someone stigmatized this industry and its companies, remind them of all these facts.


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