Why women at work are told to put on more makeup and wear high heels?

Do you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror before going to work? How many minutes do you need to be ready? It’s only natural for today’s business women to want to look and feel confident. Makeup and high heels help them achieve that level of confidence. However, in some cases they’re not even required to do so. How come certain jobs demand female employees to dress inappropriately? Is there a purpose? Let’s find out.

Why women at work are told to put on more makeup and wear high heels? 1

Do women feel pressured to wear makeup at the office?

In certain circumstances, female employees are demanded to wear makeup and high heels to make an impression. This usually happens in industries such as sales, and jobs that demand direct interaction with people. It’s not necessarily a good thing. Some companies have policies that compel women to look well-groomed, but it’s unfair to ask them to wear heels. Apart from being extremely uncomfortable, high-heels can do a lot of damage to the legs and spine.

Society puts pressure on female workers that don’t wear makeup. To some degree, entering an office looking all-natural doesn’t look appealing. This fact alone decrease a woman’s self-esteem and confidence; it affects engagement and motivation in the office.

Company policies

Every business, regardless of its size, should have a company policy. If you work in a bank and you deal with clients directly, wearing makeup is required. But this doesn’t mean you should cover your face in heavy foundation, highlighter, blush and eye shadow. Discreet makeup that doesn’t take you more than 10 minutes to complete should be enough.

You can dress the part and look presentable in front of customers without wearing 10 inch heels. The right attitude matters the most in all industries. A smart, confident woman can do a lot with her personality and body language, not necessarily with her looks. What matters is that you wear decent clothes. Your hair should be dyed and groomed; your nails shouldn’t be too long or painted in striking colors, and last but not least, invest in clothes the complement your silhouette without showing too much skin.

Why women at work are told to put on more makeup and wear high heels? 2

When makeup is too heavy, it harms the skin

Too much makeup can do a lot of damage to the skin. In the summer, the body sweats. Wearing heavy foundation is the perfect ground for bacteria accumulation, and the next day your face might have lots of zips and pimples. Too many products applied on the face may speed up the aging process; fine lines and wrinkles will appear sooner, and eventually you won’t be able to cover them with makeup alone.

Some companies don’t care about wardrobe or makeup when hiring women. They do care about the way you present yourself. There are ways to make a good impression without wearing stilettos, red lipstick and black eyeliner at 8 am in the morning. Watch your posture when interacting with clients and customers. The way you speak and interact with them matters more than heavy makeup and a pair of expensive shoes.

Good nutrition sets the tone for impeccable skin 

Proper nutrition goes hand in hand with healthy skin tone. If you want to have glowing skin, you should hydrate more. Use organic products when cleaning your face at night – focus on products that contain active ingredients; as an alternative, you can make your own moisturizers from honey, coconut oil, and egg whites. The next day your face will be more elastic and youthful. You won’t even have to apply a lot of makeup to look amazing.

Why women at work are told to put on more makeup and wear high heels? 3

Women shouldn’t let makeup dictate the way they do their jobs. They shouldn’t be forced to wear high heels, tons of foundation and mascara because they can look amazing without emphasizing on their sexual appeal. Presentable clothes, such as feminine suits, a simple white shirt and pencil skirt, elegant flats, and discreet accessories are simple pieces you can blend together to exude that sense of confident women want when they’re at work. Use a face mask for sensitive skin every night, and your face will look ready for the office the next day. That’s all you need to get that boost of confidence every woman craves for.

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