Due to the advancement of the technologies, today we have a website for almost everything. And integrating a website with your real estate business can make you more successful. The real-estate business is one of the attractive business where the transactions are done in thousands of dollars. This real-estate industry is popular especially in America and Canada as the market is dynamic in nature.


Research has been shown that 158 out of the 223 billionaires of Forbes have earned their wealth through real-estate business. Also, it was expected that the total revenue of the real estate community will reach around trillion dollars in the year 2025, from Global Real Estate Market. That is why hiring dedicated developers who can create online presences of your real estate business can ensure your success in the market.

Like any other applications and website developed for any business, needs the latest trends and features of today’s market. The real-estate website or application also have some latest ongoing trends along with a variety of features. And implementing these trends and features in your app with the help of full-stack development companies can increase your user base.

To know more about the real-estates website, and how to create this website, please continue the blog.

What are real-estate websites?

The website designed by real estate application developments companies to provide all the viable information about a real-estate property. Is a real estate website. As a user, you can just log in to these websites and get proper assistance to find a real estate property according to your requirements.

Moreover, you will be able to schedule a visit to the property you like and know all the perks of it through these on-demand solutions only. Using this website you will be able to save your time and make your property search with more efficiency.

Guide to develop a real-estate website

The process of developing a real estate website is a bit different from any other websites in the market. Here are some steps with the help of which you will be able to develop a mobile application for the real estate industry efficiently.

  • Fulfil the necessary inventory requirements. 

In order to make your website the best real estate website, all the aspects of the developing phase including the design should be planned properly. Plus, you should be clear about your aims and requirements of the business, so that the hired real estate web application development services can provide you with the best product. This will help you to sell the properties to your target audience easily.

  • Fix a budget and hire a development team according to it

This step is basically for the start-up companies who are finding a way to get success in this real-estate industry. Usually, start-ups have a fixed budget for every aspect of the business. That is why they always look for a mobile app development company that can provide them a value for money product.

The only way to ensure proper execution of this step is to gain more information on the available development companies. Compare them and then choose the one which can offer you a better product at a reasonable cost. Remember making long term relation and exchanging ideas with developers can give a better product.

  • Ensure quality of prototypes, mock-ups and wireframes. 

A well-established web development company will always provide you’re the initial prototype of your product. And after confirming it from you they will start the development process. The prototype will prove how the mock-ups and the wireframes are integrated into your website. Plus, you will get a clear idea of what type of design, logo or graphics is best for your business. Make sure the hired android app development company provide you full transparency during the development process.       

  • Coding

This is of the main part of the development process the coding makes the main infrastructure of your website or applications. Better implementation of codding procedures can ensure a high performing, the feature-pack website for your business. The hired real estate app development company will opt for the correct development procedure to provide you with the best results. They can take the help of various APIs modules and other development supports like SEO, IDX and MLS. Remember taking the copyright from the development services is mandatory. Because after the deployment of your website you will need those codes in order to add features and functionalities to your web application.

  • Test the quality and follow the user reviews.

A proper quality assurance procedure should be maintained before the deployment of the application. This could save the reputation of your company. Better mobile app development for real estate will conduct quality assurance for each aspect of the application before they launch your website into the market.   

Plus, they will maintain a responsive user review system. Where they will take all the reviews of the users into account. And try to rectify all the sets-backs with maximum efficiency.

You can always increase your customer base by hiring iOS developers along with android developers. This will help you to increase the user base of your business effectively.

What is the cost of developing a real estate website?

The cost of developing real-estate websites always depend upon the features implemented in it, along with the developers your choose and the content you need. A simple website with all the basic functionalities can cost you $15,000 to $18,000 dollars. You can always do some of the deduction to main the development cost in your budget. Such as you can outsource your development services to developers from countries like India. Along with that, you can only implement the essential features while avoiding unnecessary ones.

Usually, mobile app developers for hire, charges on an hourly basis and the value can be around $30. Here are some of the break up for developing a basic real-estate website along with the time requirement.

  • Web development (250 hours)- $7500
  • User Interface or UX (150 hours)- $4500
  • Testing and quality assurance (120 hours) – $3600
  • Project Management – $1500

These prices are an approximate value which depends on the services your choses and the location of your business.


The real-estate industry is one of the biggest ever-green industries with a huge customer base. So developing a website for your real-estate business can give you ample opportunities to succeed in this competitive market.

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