BusinessCoach Inc. APRIL 2016 Seminar Schedule

BusinessCoach Inc. APRIL 2016 Seminar Schedule

Food Business
Catering Business Apr-2
Starting a Restaurant Apr-16
Starting a Food cart Apr-5
Canteen Concessionaire May-21
Coffee Shop Apr-25

Events Business
Balloon and Party Needs (Advanced) May-16
Balloon and Party Needs Apr-22
Wedding Planner Apr-28
Events Management Apr-18
Events Hosting Apr-29

Health and Wellness
Starting a Drugstore Apr-25
Starting a Spa Apr-12

Money Business
Money Changer Apr-4
Pawnshop Apr-6
Micro-Lending Apr-27

Real Estate
Property Rental Apr-21
Buy and Sell Real Estate Apr-14
Building and Property Apr-23
Real Estate Appraisal Apr-28
Real Estate Planning Apr-6

Arts and Crafts
Gift wrapping, basket and ribbon making Apr-14

Printing Press Apr-21
Silkscreen Apr-4

Corporate Giveaways May-4

Manpower Services Apr-16
Travel Agency Apr-19
Water Refilling Apr-21
Junkshop Apr-7
Preschool Center Apr-26
Soap Making Apr-6
International Recruitment Apr-8
Laundry Business Apr-30
Janitorial Services May-7
Security Agency Apr22
Hotel & Resort Apr-26
Commercial Cleaning Apr-2
Beauty Salon Apr-18
Hardware Apr-15
Meat Shop Apr-29
School and Office Supplies May-3
Trucking Business Apr-23
Tour Packages Apr-20
Flower Shop Apr-5
Pet Shop Apr-25

Business Law
Labor Law Apr-4
Intellectual Property Apr-11
Basic Contracts Apr-18

Human Resource Management and Training
Human Resource Management Apr-13
Personality Development Apr-11
Training the Trainers Apr-19
Salary Structure May-2
Training for Receptionists May-4
Change Management Apr-7
Executive Assistants Apr-7
Training Needs Analysis Apr-6
Six Sigma May-23
Computing Salaries, wages and Benefits Apr-30
Balanced Scorecard Apr-20
WAVE Program Apr-18
Training Evaluation Apr-16
Difficult Customers Apr-13
HR Policies Apr-4
Problem Solving Apr-1

Management and Leadership
Leadership Training Apr-12
Basic Supervisory Skills Apr-23
Project Management Apr-12
People Management Apr-27
Advanced Supervisory Skills Apr-2
Facilities Management May-11
Effective Office Administration Apr-11
Employee Engagement Apr-26
Negotiation and Assertiveness Apr-22

Purchasing Management Apr-8
Warehouse Management Apr-15
Kaizen May-3
Total Quality Management Apr-19
Production and Operations Apr-5

Business Communication
Communication Skills Apr-5
Telephone Skills Apr-14
Business Writing Apr-29

Sales and Marketing
Close a Sale Apr-11
Presentation Skills May-3
Selling Techniques Apr-7
Social Media Apr-28
Internet Marketing Apr-12
Telemarketing Apr-29
Account Management Apr-26

Accounting and Taxation
Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting Apr-19-20
Internal Control and Auditing Apr-23
Business Taxation May-5-6
Cash Flow Management Apr-2
Income Tax Updates Apr-21
Budgeting Apr-16
BIR Tax Assessment Apr-13

Business Process
Plan and Start a Business Apr-8
Credit and Collection Apr-30
How to Import Apr-30
Collection Management Apr-15
Food Safety Apr-22

Call 727-5628/727-8860/225-6616 or email businesscoachphil@gmail.com for more details. Visit their website at www.businesscoachphil.com.

Schedule may change without prior notice.


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