Face It: You Need a Facebook Page

According to statements released by Facebook late in 2013, the site was home to 25 million small business pages. Another study shows that being on a social media network is the number one thing people do online.

With this information, it makes sense for a business to create a Facebook page. But how can you optimize it to make it work for you?

What Facebook Can Do for Your Business

One of the biggest benefits of having a Facebook page for your small business is that you get to know your customers.
Interact with them and learn more about their likes and dislikes. Ask questions, offer comments and pay attention to what they say and do and it can help you with the rest of your marketing.

A page also gives you a larger platform to attract new customers.

If your followers share your content, you have the potential to reach hundreds and thousands of people that would never find out about your business otherwise.

Facebook is also great way to enhance your customer service.

Post valuable information about your products or services and answer questions from fans so they can learn more about your company. Encourage testimonials from satisfied customers and sponsor contests to get people more involved.
If you include a link to your website, you can even draw more traffic from your Facebook page.

According to the article, Make Your Facebook Page Work Harder with a Contact Form, more people are looking to Facebook for your business than to a personal website. Having a contact page right on your Facebook page can increase your return on investment.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page

If you want your page to draw people in, you need to make sure that it has the most important elements.
Obviously, a contact form is essential for conversion, but it also needs some other features:

• Company photo – you need to show people what your company is all about and one way to do that is through images. It literally gives a face to the name of your business and makes it more personalized. It’s also a good idea to include photos of the owner, manager and staff members.

• Information on Products or Services – include information about your products or services so people know what your business does. Don’t forget to include what makes your business different from the competition.

• Shareable content – Not only does this draw more people in when your followers share your content, it also improves your page for search engines. It makes it easier for your company to be found when someone is searching for the products or services you offer.

It’s obvious now that social media was not just a fad that would go away. Instead of fading, social networks are growing.

Businesses that want to be successful must take this method of marketing seriously and learn how to use it correctly.
It will put them one step ahead of their competition and help pave the way for success in today’s competitive market.

About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including business and social media.

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