Is Cross-Posting on Social Media a Bad Thing?

Cross-posting is a widespread thing in social media these days. However, many people still have the same question on their mind that ‘is cross-posting on social media a bad thing?’ Unfortunately, it can become a bad thing if you are not following the best practices.


What is Cross-Posting?

Cross-posting is one of the many ways to share content on social media platforms. But without changing the content, images, words, and other things of the content. So, the content will be the same as the original one without any changes.

People use cross posting to share a post on the same platform too. It reduces the amount of work while getting easy results. But if you don’t know how to do it, it can be very harmful to your reputation.

Disadvantages of Cross-Posting

Although, there are some advantages available that can make cross-posting a good idea. But, the disadvantages far outweigh them, and some of them are mentioned below.

Every platform is different

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind while cross-posting is the difference between social media platforms. A good tweet is not going to be a good post for Instagram because the audiences are different.

It is necessary to optimize the post based on the platform. Sharing the same post might not catch the attention of audiences of different platforms. The trending topics, post types, preferences of viewers are essential to keep in mind.  

Call to Action (CTA)

CTA is an essential part of the content that helps to get an immediate response. However, the vocabulary of CTA can differ on different social media platforms. In cross-posting, the CTA of content is not changed, which makes it not much effective.

You can end up telling Facebook users to retweet a post with unchanged CTA. To engage with users on different social media platforms, CTA is a vital part. So, if you do not want to limit your engagement, then make sure to change the CTA while cross-posting.


While some social media platforms are very well known for hashtags, others do not encourage this trend. In addition, there are many platforms where the use of hashtags is limited. For example, the character limit of Twitter makes it hard to put a lot of hashtags. 

On the other hand, Instagram posts usually come with a lot of hashtags. So, you need to change or tweak the post a little while cross-posting based on the platform. Otherwise, it is not going to work and provide results.


Before cross-posting any content, you need to keep in mind that content optimization needs to be different on social media platforms. Things like handles, images, captions, tags, internal links need to be optimized based on the platform.

Platform-specific organized posts are much more effective and efficient. Making some small changes can make a considerable difference based on the platform you are posting. You will make your posts stand out if they are optimized accordingly.

Target Audience

As mentioned earlier, the target audiences on different social media platforms are different. While some of the platforms have older audiences, others are used mainly by younger audiences. So, the content needs to be changed based on audiences.

Cross-posting does not change a word in the post, making it much less effective for all platforms. Understanding the audience is a crucial part of getting an excellent response to your posts.

SEO Strategy

Cross-posting might be the easiest way to post on social media platforms without any hard work. However, making unique content for different platforms provides you more benefits. In addition, tailoring each of the posts based on the user’s expectations and needs makes it much more engaging.

It will also improve the UX of your content and help to get new users to your website. Improving the social media content and posts will ultimately enhance the SEO strategy. Reviewing your SEO strategy is very important to get results from social media platforms.


If you share the same post on multiple social media platforms repeatedly, then they might look automated. Many users might think that the posts are by bots as they look the same. Not only them, but the social media platforms might mark the posts as spam.

As most social media platforms are trying to get rid of spam posts and bot accounts, cross-posting might not be a good idea. Your account can get banned as well if the posts look automated. Changing the posts a little will help you to avoid these outcomes.


Cross-posting can be harmful for the reasons mentioned above. However, tweaking your posts a little can help you to save all the trouble. It can also provide you the opportunity to tailor each post based on different social media platforms to get the best results.

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