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Investment Plan

Best Investment Plan for your child’s Education

Whether it be a company’s balance sheet or the personal financial reports of a working individual; one’s monetary investments are often seen in 2 parts. These are equity or the assets and then the debt or liabilities. Man has always had an instinct to ensure the success of his children. ...

FD return calculator

How to use the FD return calculator? Easy Guide

To save enough money for the future, most investors plan to invest in an instrument that offers considerable returns and is safe as well. Fixed deposit plans are preferable as they are risk-free. However, the FD interest rate applicable to these plans is the key as it will determine the...

Systematic Deposit Plan

Know More About the Systematic Deposit Plan

Fixed deposits (FDs) have enjoyed immense popularity in India for a long time. Stable returns at lower risks make it an attractive investment option especially if you are risk averse. But, it is not a viable option if you do not have enough funds to make a one-shot lump sum...

fixed deposits

All About the Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2020

Fixed Deposits are well known for security of funds and substantial interest. FDs have a fixed maturity, usually preventing early withdrawals. The interest rate on FDs are fixed in advance. Surplus liquidity has forced financial institutions to cut rates of most deposits. Fixed deposit interest rates are also declining in...


Know About The Best Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2020

Last year, RBI announced a slash in the repo rate five times. Recently, it again reduced the repo rate by 40 basis points to 4%. This is considered the lowest repo rate in the last two decades. In a ripple effect, most banks have also lowered their fixed deposit interest...