Movie Theatre: A Great Idea For A Conference

If you have to organize a conference for any reason, or you think it’s a good marketing ploy for your business start-up – why not consider hiring a movie theater?

This can be a really great way of wowing your audience on a 30 feet high screen with surround sound and generally all the cinematic “works” that only a really big screen in a movie theater is capable of throwing at you.

Not many people use these kinds of facilities at the moment for conferencing – mainly because they simply don’t know they exist. But they do – and they’re a real boon for organizers who want to meet the dual goal of organizing a conference with complete ease whilst at the same time doing so creatively for a great price. Because all the facilities are already in place – it’s incredibly cost-effective.

Cineworld venues for hire fit the bill perfectly as their auditoria really are cutting edge. They also have the organizational capacity and conference professionals to make it an easy solution.

In fact, all Cineworld cinemas have plug-and-play capability. What this means is that any PowerPoint presentation, for example, or any video material etc., can be shown on the big screen quickly and easily for the equally big impact you’re looking for on your audience; all by the simple the click of a switch.

What’s more, Cineworld has a team of dedicated conference professionals who will meet any specific requirements you have such as different seating and staging arrangements, to help make your conference go smoothly and professionally. They can also do buffet style catering, drinks and canapés etc., whatever you decide will complement your presentation to full effect.

All in all, cinema venue hire can be a great way of making a difference – so is certainly one to consider.

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