Bollywood Movie Trailers: A Marketing Tool for Film Makers & a Deciding Factor for the Consumers

There must have been a number of occasions when you have paid good money to go to a Cineplex only to realize that it was not worth the effort and a sheer waste of money as the movie was not what you had expected. Movie trailers are immensely useful for consumers because by watching a movie trailer, you could get an idea about the movie and what you could actually expect to see. This way, a movie trailer could help you to choose the right movies that complement your sensibilities and you could avoid bad experiences. Movie trailers are of equally great importance to the filmmakers. Movie trailers are great marketing tools for the Bollywood film industry. Let us explore the role of movie trailers for both the makers and the consumers.

Bollywood Movie Trailers: A Marketing Tool for Film Makers & a Deciding Factor for the Consumers 1

What Do Movie Trailers Entail?

Movie trailers showcase and highlight some of the key scenes from an upcoming movie that help you to gain an insight into what actually the movie is all about. It is a preview of the upcoming movie. You could get the hint as to what the storyline would be. These trailers obviously, do not reveal the entire story but just enough to evoke curiosity and interest in the audience. Most often than not, movie trailers are able to help the audience decide if they would like to watch a film when it releases or should they give it a miss. They get an idea if the film would appeal to them or not. Trailers are just some of the best clips from the movie. A Bollywood movie trailer is predominantly used for promoting the film and is an effective marketing tool.

There is an entire industry that is revolving around cutting trailers. Trailers involve cutting some vital scenes from what is referred to as the ‘raw footage’. These critical scenes are put together in a clever way so that the audience’s interest is kindled. The stakes are really very high. We are told that trade analysts are usually called five days in advance of the trailer launch for watching the video of 2 to 3 minutes duration in the film producer’s office. The preview would then be shared via the most popular social media channels. The potential of the film is evaluated by gauging the actual buzz it creates. A survey is done and filmmakers talk to various distributors and evaluate just how much the upcoming movie would be making in terms of the box office collections.

The Advantages of a Movie Trailer for the Filmmaker

The opening-day box office collections could mean a lot for filmmakers and set the tone for the movie’s ultimate collections. A critical role of a movie trailer as a marketing and promotion strategy is to generate interest in the audience. The trailer is published much before the movie release and serves as a kind of the film’s announcement and launches the promotional activities and publicity related to the film on an official level. They are regarded as the advance movie commercials for driving public interest, creating a brand, and boosting sales once the movie is released.

Advantage to the Audience/Consumers

Consumers are able to see the trailers on television or movie theaters before a film is released. This gives them a fair idea of what the movie is about so that they can make the decision to see the movie or ignore it. Trailers help the consumers to get a broader perspective by watching the actual scenes from the movie so that they could make an educated and informed choice.


The consumers would at once, decide to see the movie if the theme is very much in line with specifically their personal taste and interest. Trailers are very much the determining or the deciding factors.

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