Stand Out from Competitors with These 5 Tips

Many business owners think they need a big budget to stay competitive in the marketplace. With every company advertising their product or service as the best available, it’s tough to penetrate and gain market share. Or is it?

It’s entirely possible for you to gain market traction for your brand by implementing a few basic strategies. Read through these 5 tips to stand out from your competitors and break through obscurity. 

  1. Focus on creating a “WOW” Customer Experience

It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the service industry, treat your customers like gold. More than 70% of customers say that the level of customer service they receive is a deciding factor in finalizing their purchase. Excellent customer service also ranks on the top of reasons why customers choose to recommend a product, as well as make further purchases from your product range.

Customer service is the foundation of prospecting and customer retention. The more attention you pay to your customer’s needs, the more likely they are to become loyal to your brand or company. Create a “WOW” customer experience by doing all you can to impress your customer from the first point of contact. 

  1. Stay Accountable and Responsible

If your customer raises an issue with your product, company, or customer service, take responsibility immediately. There’s nothing more frustrating for customers than managers, salespeople, or customer service agents that pass the buck and don’t offer a solution to the problem.

Even if you make a horrible mistake, it’s possible to turn the situation around. Instead of trying to pass the blame, take accountability and ask your customer what they expect, then deliver on their expectation.

Solving your customer’s problem with a sense of urgency shows that you are concerned with their situation and take action to help them. Customers don’t want excuses, they want solutions. In some cases, taking massive action will impress your customer, and increase their brand loyalty. 

  1. Innovation Keeps Your Brand and Business Relevant

Reinvent your brand every six months. Keep a fresh appearance to your company, by introducing new processes, products, and technology. Take advantage of social media platforms to build your audience and catch the attention of new prospects.

Mobile technology continues to grow at a frenetic pace, look for apps that are relevant to your industry and hire a developer to create an application that improves your customer service. An app can help your customer order online, upsell or cross-sell your products, and improve your communication with your customer.

Even the supplies you use can make a difference in your customer’s impression of your company. Cheap supplies and sundries make your brand look cheap. Invest in supplies, stationery, and marketing materials that reflect the values of your brand. 

  1. Consider a CSIR Strategy

Your top priority in business is your customers. However, customers appreciate companies that give back to their community as well. Corporate social responsibility programs are a means of presenting your brand or company as a valued member of your community. Think about ways that you can set up a social agenda that resonates with your brand.

For example; if you own an online store that sells shoes, your CSIR project could be donating 100 pairs of school shoes to underprivileged kids. The cost of your CSIR program can be written off to your corporate taxes, speak to your accountant for advice.

  1. Build a Blog

Keep your customer informed about everything that’s happening in your company and marketplace by opening a blog on your website. Populate the blog with exciting, high-quality content related to your niche. If you sell coffee, write blogs about the different kinds of coffee, the flavors, origin, and preparation methods.

Providing your customers with free, relevant information builds value in your company and brand. Persisting with a weekly blog will result in your brand being viewed by your customers as an authority in your niche and customers prefer to deal with market leaders.

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  1. Customer service is really competitive these days. Most of the time, it defines if customers stay loyal to the brand or switch to other brands. Not all products are made perfect, not all services are perfect. But if you have that customer support to make sure you make up for those mistakes, then you’re awesome.

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