Transient Home VS Hotel: Which is Best With Kids on Vacation

Traveling helps you to relax, calm your mind, and a chance to bond with the family. Traveling is one of the best stress relievers you can have away from work and all the stressors you have in life.

Sometimes, traveling is all it takes to be more productive at work after your vacation. It keeps you focused on your core.

Nevertheless, going on vacation is a must when you feel burnout, unproductive, and most of all, you have lost your creative juice.

Planning to go on vacation with the kids requires extensive planning on where you should stay.

Of course, it will depend on your family size, preferences, and budget. We’ve rounded up a couple of facts to help you decide between a temporary home versus a hotel that is best for kids on vacation.

Advantages of hotel accommodation

You can choose which type of suites or hotel room to avail whether it is a deluxe or two-bedroom suites. Staying in the hotel room offers you a place where you can sleep all together in one room just like the old times.

Hotel accommodation is also equipped with toiletries where you no longer have to pack shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste in your bag.

Toiletries consume almost 1/3 of your traveling bag, which is not suitable when traveling with kids. It will only add up all the luggage you have to bring on.

In addition to that, you can request everything you need instantly from the hotel room attendants by calling the lobby thru the landline.

Advantages of transient accommodation

Most couples prefer to have transient accommodation while traveling with kids, as it offers separate rooms for each family member and reserves privacy.

You can tag along with cousins or siblings while traveling for as long as your chosen transient home can accommodate all of you.

There is still a policy regarding the check-in and check-out time when staying at a transient home.

But, compared to hotel accommodation, you can ask a favor to the transient homeowner or caretaker to make some considerations if you’re arriving late due to heavy road traffic without canceling your reservation.

Budget for Hotel Accommodation and Transient Home

We will be honest in this section, hotel accommodation fees depend on your length of stay and how many persons will stay in your reserved room. Regardless, if the costs consist of a complimentary breakfast, you might want to think twice.

Aside from the room cost alone, if you have exceeded the maximum number of guests that a room can accommodate, you’d need to pay extra pax, towel, and any other additional fees.

For instance, a deluxe room costs Php7,000.00 and can hold up to three people as maximum. The hotel accommodation fee you will pay will only cover the usual length of stay for around 12 hours.

Compared when you choose to stay in a transient home, you can find an affordable one that is suitable for 24 hours already for as low as $200

Policies and Privacy while at the hotel

There are policies you must comply with when staying at the hotel, and honestly, no one is allowed to cook inside the room. Choosing to stay at a hotel on a tight budget may not be suitable when you’re with kids on vacation.

Also, considering that rooms are designed next to each other, there may be other guests next to you who have a party until midnight, which is inconvenient.

Policies and Privacy while in the transient home

In a transient home like a townhouse for rent in Mandaluyong, you’d tend to enjoy the place on your own without anyone catching up with a party at night.

You can do whatever you want to bond with the kids and sleep early, which we’d think you missed these past few months because work requires you to stay up all night doing the backlogs.


The best part of staying at the hotel is no need to go outside just to have fun. Most of the hotels are fully equipped with facilities that both kids and young at heart will surely enjoy.

Some hotels offer a gym, recreational activities, playground, movie room, and a restaurant. You can find everything you could think of to make your vacation more profound while you’re at the hotel.

When it comes to the amenities in a transient home, it depends on the property owner. Some transient homes come with a swimming pool, billiards, grilling area, and most of all, you are allowed to cook your food.

Choosing a transient home is also best for kids when on vacation. You’d find them roaming around all-in-one-place while you’re busy lounging in the living room watching your favorite movie with your spouse.

In addition to that, staying in a transient home gives you a new and more relaxing environment that can calm your mind away from work and all your stressors.

One disadvantage we can only see when staying in a transient home, you have to step outside to go to a mall or nearby attractions when your kids get bored.

More so, if you don’t feel like spending some time in the kitchen, a tendency to drive to the nearest restaurant is your best bet.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between a hotel and a transient home which one is best for kids when on vacation all boils down on how much budget you can shell out and for how long you will stay either of the two.

If your family is small and you don’t have plans to go on vacation for more than three days, it’s best to say that a hotel is ideal for choosing which is best for kids when on vacation.

If you’re planning to go on hiatus at work for a long time, there is no other option for you but staying in a transient home. You can find the best condos on real estate websites Philippines.

A transient home is affordable with flexible rates and policies, where you can have a vacation with the kids without breaking the bank.

We hope we have covered up everything to help you decide between a transient home or hotel that is best for kids on vacation.

Enjoy your vacay!

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