How To Make Money On Facebook In 1 Week

For a few years now people have been discussing in forums and blogs about how to make money using Facebook, after all their active audience of over 500 million people of which half log on every single day is very attractive for marketers alike.

In this article I am going to share with you how I and my friends have been making money on Facebook for a while now.

First thing you have to do is decide on what market and niche you are targeting, there opportunities here are plenty. Here are some tips to help you understand the mindset of the average Facebook user which may help you in your research for the right niche or market.

Most people go to Facebook to be entertained, cure boredom and connect with friends, catch up on the latest gossip, etc. They are not there to go shopping, in most cases anyways.

Now you know what niche you are going after and the offer you want to promote either as an affiliate or your own product. Now you need to create a Facebook page for your niche and promote it.

To get the best results you want to create several pages in your niche, for example if you were in the basketball niche you might want to create a [page targeting basketball players another one for basketball coaches another one for basketball fans another for Michael Jordan fans, etc.

By creating and promoting several pages with Facebook ads you are building your own community of people within that market.

Once you have built up a few pages of several thousand followers, you can now start to make some serious money. Something very important to remember is that you never want to spam or bluntly push offers to your community as they will disrespect you for that and simply won’t buy anything.

You need a good ratio, remember most people are on Facebook to cure boredom and be entertained so entertain them! And every now and then recommend an offer to them.

Ultimately you aim should be to take your followers from Facebook and get them to your website, mailing list, or blog. This will instantly place your prospect in a different mind frame where you can sell them

Facebook ads are one of the best advertising platforms on the internet today; you can start off with a small budget to get your feet wet so to speak as you learn more about how to leverage this amazing platform.

Author: Sam Stone
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This is only a brief understanding of how we make money on Facebook, to get the complete A to Z step by step methods we use check out this FREE video course http://www.FreeCashCreatingVideos.com

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