money in rubber Money-making Potentials of Rubber

“The rubber tree is a bank, every drop is money”, says Dr. Romulo L. Cena, the Director of the Philippine Industrial Crops Research Institute (PICRI) and a faculty researcher of the College of Agriculture in a lecture series during the 6th Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Commercialization Fora and Product Exhibition. 

The said activity was conducted at the SM Mega Trade Hall 2, SM Mega Mall, Mandaluyong City on August 5-8, 2010 in commemoration with 23rd Anniversary Celebration of the DA-Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA-BAR).

Dr. Cena cited several reasons why one must have to engage in rubber production. Some of the reasons are: A huge industrial demand is expected to keep the price of rubber high for decades; provides high income, high cost of synthetic rubber; has a wide range of adaptability, provides regular income, low investment cost; long period of productivity; environment sustainability; high value of rubber wood; and allows intercropping of food and cash crops  for higher farm income.

 Age of rubber   Yield/ha         Income/Month    Income/Year *
  trees (age)      (kg)                      (P)                  (P)
     5-6           100 kg/ha/mo       10,800.00        108,000.00
     7-8           140 kg/ha/mo       15,120.00        151,120.00
     9-11         180 kg/ha/mo       19,440.00        194,400.00
     11-12       240kg/ha/mo        25,920.00        259,200.00
     13-14       300 kg/ha/mo       32,400.00        324,000.00
* Only 10 months is considered  (no tapping during wintering period

Is there really money in rubber?  Yes, why not.  “A five to six-year old rubber will provide a rubber farmer an income of Ten thousand eight hundred pesos (P10,800.00) per month or an annual income of One hundred eight thousand pesos (P108,000.00)”, Dr. Cena further disclosed.  As the trees grows older, the yield also increases, hence higher income.

Written by Leonila M. Tolentino

Philippine Industrial Crops Research Institute
University of Southern Mindanao
Lumayong, Kabacan, Cotabato
Tel/ Fax No: (064) 248 2323

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