How To Earn P5k With Only P1k Capital

If you’re looking for a profitable business with low capital, this one is for you!

With only P1,000 start-up amount, you can choose different packages of scents and perfumes that you can offer to your relatives, officemates, friends, in the net or everyone!

Our products includes Authentic Branded Singapore Perfumes like:
* Lacoste
* Burberry
* Calvin Klein
* Dolce & Gabbana
* Clinique Happy
* Armani
* Lomoni (Escada)
* Givenchy
* Gucci
* Paris Hilton
* Davidoff
* Ferrari
* Victoria’s Secret
* and many more!!

These products are purely Singapore Authentic! We don’t have any China or Hong Kong brand, which is considered as “low-quality” perfumes.

What’s good in this business is that, you will be rewarded as our loyal reseller and dealer. Everytime you avail our products, you will be rewarded by points which you can exchange with Gadgets, Gift Cheques, Product Package, Discount, Rebates and more!

The products are very saleable because anyone wants to feel good through perfumes!

What’s more, we’re still expanding our business and soon, we will be offering more than scents and perfumes!

For anyone who are looking for a part time job or extra earnings, you can be one of our Part Time Account Executives!

If you want to know more about this business, you can reach us through:

MOBILE : (0906) 841 – 7150
EMAIL :philmarketonline@yahoo.com
By: Mark Borja

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5 Responses

  1. Ken-Ken Ga-as says:

    students can join this? I'm living in mindanao.

  2. Already sent sir…
    You can visit our website for additional income by availing our products..


  3. Sonny Siano Ellar says:

    I sent an email inquiry but I received nothing in response.

  4. MT Central says:

    Is there a way where you can earn an income from just 1.00 Php?

  5. Santosh Alienweb says:


    Last many days I am searching some
    good article and I am very glad to find your article. This is very essential
     and informative information for me. I would like to say your post is
    superb and relevant my topics.


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