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Even after setting up an online business platform, you may not get the anticipated result with huge customer traffic on your website. There is additional work to be done to promote your business and ideas.

Project management and the collaboration between the team members require a strategy and toolsets in the online business. There is no question of why because it comes with change. The change in technology and computer adaptation in every business has made it that way.

As promising entrepreneurs, our job is to understand what are essential tools for online business. By implementing the available tools in our work, we can bring productivity and balance to every aspect of our work lives.

Time, money, and manpower, all of these assets can be well managed and collaborated with the use of online business tools.  

Online Business Tools

online business tools

The tools are of specific use, with a purpose, every one of them. The most convenient and probably free tools are listed below. You can develop an idea just by the name.


Time is an asset when you are working for your business. There are many things to do and less time to spare. It gets really frustrating to monitor everyone’s work effort in person if you are supervising your business.

timeTracko has many features that will provoke productivity in employees and also the employer. It is the best option for monitoring the activities of remote workers and advising them with proper guidance.

timeTracko can differentiate between idle time and ideal time.

Yes, it can.

It will pop messages of you being idle whenever you are not working or have taken long breaks. Though annoying, it helps to constantly differentiate between private time and work time.

Along with a real-time employee activity monitor, it can prepare analysis reports on an employee, monitor apps and website usage, and check workload patterns.

Finance, banking, healthcare, retail, and e-commerce, timeTracko has been used in many different workplaces.


Working in a group or team can make you forget about the important things. The priority task may be left incomplete, which will hinder progress. Business flourishes only when tasks are completed on time.

Todoist provides a Kanban-style card in user experience where you can organize every task.

With its simple designs, the UI is very easy to use. You cannot miss any information important to you. The schedule is set to remind the user at the right time.

You can share your workload with your teammates. Every work detail can be discussed to derive the best results. You can also have a personalized task view so that the workspace may differ from person to person according to their liking.

It is the place to centralize all the important files for work. Everyone in a team can see it and know their respective work.

It is the ultimate platform to plan projects, assign responsibilities, and share files.


Google Suite is a popular platform that can do many things in support of a business or a startup. It has tools for every office-related work. 

A Gmail account is all that is needed to access the suite. The design and user experience are very simple, and anyone can get along.

The toolset consists of Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, Sites, Hangout, Keep, and a few others. Their name suggests their work. And, they all are integrated into each other, so collaboration is best when all of them are used together.

Google has kept everything simple and is adding other tools to the toolset reducing complexity as much as possible. It is like using basic computer tools. 

Business flourishes when there is less complexity and more productivity. And G-Suite stands to be a perfect toolset for startup businesses.


Business with a website is a competitive field. There are many things dependent on the working of the websites. One of the important aspects of bringing customers to our websites is through organic searches.

Ahrefs helps in many ways when the task is about auditing a website. It has a keyword research system and can find information about the search volume. It can get you to search traffic estimations for the top 10 ranking pages. 

You can see backlink growth over time and daily changes.

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool that makes us able to analyze competitors and explore site details.

It makes it possible for rank tracking of our website, among others.

All these features help us to make strategies and necessary changes to our websites to do better business.   


Content strategy is crucial to communicate your business ideas to the customers. First impressions must be accurate and relative to the time to turn visitors into customers. And, this is where Buzzsumo comes in.

It will help you explore high-performing materials, have data analysis, and monitor the influencers’ activities on social media platforms. You can discover content that is relative to your business.

It takes a lot of time to surf the internet and find articles of your interest. So, Buzzsumo can do that for you and save you time.

The other thing that will make customers leash onto your content is the influencers they like or follow. Buzzsumo can also help you find influencers on social media and other platforms. You can approach them and make your business possibilities stronger.

It gives you alerts on brand mentions and industry updates. It’s unlikely to miss anything important. Plus, a free chrome extension will inform you about the trends and updates.

It’s humanly impossible to track everything on your own without the help of the applications available. Online platforms, in aggregate, can help you with many impossible things, and Buzzsumo must be one of your beloved apps.


Slack is a popular project management tool and means of communication in the workplace because of its ease of use and many features.

You can create channel and invite others from your team, other teams, and even from teams of other companies. You can share data and information, have audio/video calls and send text messages to all the intended at once.

It has replaced the email chains, which other communication systems might be using.

It has automated reminders for your important future tasks that you may forget in your busy schedule. Tasklist and note-taking options are also available that will make you work more.

There are bots that can send messages, upload files and do automated work. You just have to direct it in the proper way.

Slack has many other integration advantages when it is used with other applications. You just have to use it with intent.


ZipBooks is an online financial record handler, accounting software. It helps to track income and expenses.

It helps to create invoices, has tools and intelligence that will take your business to different levels of professionalism. Most of the transactions can happen online with any Visa and credit card. Time tracking of your work will give you and your customers the exact calculations in the invoices.

You can access unlimited customers and vendors in your business field and retain the important ones with the reports from past analytics. Only the profitable ones remain.

Sales and tax reports can be prepared automatically and integrated with the banking systems. This will speed up all the other processes.

It’s free, which makes it susceptible to the threat as you will be sharing your financial information. But it is secured, ensured by the application.


Canva is the free designing tool that helps to prepare the designed material for various platforms. You can design and use your concept in any object as prints, either online or offline.

Drag and drop functionality is available and can be used by anyone. 

Social media, personal, business, marketing, education, and training, Canva has broad usability. It can help you with any design-related work.

The photo inventory and basic tutorials are free of cost, which makes it easy and efficient to progress. Businesses can benefit most from the free tools, and Canva provides quality without cost.


MailChimp provides you with many tools for growing your business. 

You will be able to start your business, grow your audience, sell your services, advertise on social media and implement strategies to retain customers from a single application.

You will have your custom domain, and you can operate your business online and market your business from there. It helps you to reach the appropriate customers with better content. Marketing automation is effective in running your tasks on schedule.

You can send attractive emails to your clients, and they can connect quickly to your services online. The informative analytics will further help you make better plans.

MailChimp fulfills all the online business requirements, and it proves to be a better assistant in the digital market.


Bit.ai is the most powerful workplace and document collaboration platform.

You can create and organize your important documents with customized features.

It is well integrated with other applications, so sharing and teamwork are efficiently conducted within Bit.ai.

Documentation is a vital activity of every business process, every day. And, Bit.ai is a new-age online integration tool.


Business is crippled without being online and probably infected if appropriate online tools are not used. We have to start using it to compete in business.

It is hard to get used to the changing ideas and technology, but we can even ascend to the mountain’s top with small steps. So, it must not be that easy. You can adapt to it one app a week.

The tides are high, and the waves are strong, but only those who rowed reached the shore. 

So, you have to make an effort.

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