5 Reasons to Integrate Social Media with Bar Digital Signage

Bars are the meeting place for people from all walks of life, seeking an opportunity to catch up with peers, share a couple of laughs, and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Social Media with Bar Digital Signage

When you try to visualize a typical bar setting, an image of a TV hanging to the wall-showcasing a sporting event probably comes to your mind, coupled with some quirky wall hangings and fascinating glassware. But, with bars opening up at every corner of the street, aren’t bar owners compelled to bring something new to their visitors’ table?

Fortunately, with technology being at our disposal, contemplating and executing changes ain’t anymore grinding!

Displaying social walls on digital signages is one such technologically backed marketing tactic that has been helping businesses across industries to make an impact on their business impeccably.

Read ahead to find out the top 5 reasons to integrate social media with bar digital signage and the benefits of doing so!

Showcasing Social Feeds On Digital Signages – An Overview

Showcase an interactive, filtered feed of customers’ social content created by using your branded hashtag, social media handles, mentions, etc., on digital displays to attract the audience’s attention like never before!

People get inspired by people and look up to them for experiences before trying out anything new. By showcasing content created by your existing visitors on the digital screens, you can take the visitors’ attraction and engagement to another level.

They are compelling and can potentially inspire your customers to create content and get featured on digital screens. Thus, further creating and delivering an impressive experience.

5 Reasons To Integrate Social Media With Bar Digital Signage

Customers being protagonists of the brand’s story, are constantly digging for better experiences. By leveraging digital signage to display social content, you can create excitement like never before. Other benefits of integrating social media with bar digital signage include:

1. Create an interactive customer experience using TV screens

Through a digital display, you can build and amplify in-person interactions and easily engrave an experience of a lifetime in the minds of the visitors.

Any visitor featured on the screen will feel valued about their contribution, while they might be encouraged to create and share more while inspiring others too into content creation. Thus, positively magnifying the brand-user experience and interactivity.

2. Promote What You Got By Displaying Them On Digital Screens

Display bar menu on the digital screens to effectively inform visitors of what you offer and induce them to buy by showcasing convincing visuals.

Digital signage displays allow you to create diverse easy-to-read menu designs without needing to reprint. Thus, saving huge sums of your cost and also enhancing sales.

Further, 29.5% of the customers say digital menus are more likely to influence their product purchase.

Additionally, you can also run cross-promotions of deliverables by showcasing the least selling food and beverage item with high-selling ones in a combo offer to boost sales of both items. As close to 30% of customers find digital menus influential for the purchase of a product.

3. Showcase A Variety Of Content Seamlessly

Potentially showcase a variety of content ideas on digital signage to attract the audience’s attention like never before, which is the best benefit of digital displays. Who knows, some of your audience might hang around to catch up with the updates shown on the digital display.

Apart from showcasing a social wall, you can also choose to display a mix of other content like weather forecasts, quotes, news, stream live sports scores, and videos, among other things. Here, Taggbox Display Studio can be of great help as the tool helps aggregate content from multiple social channels, moderate, and customize the feed while also helping you schedule the screen’s content for days and months altogether.

With Studio, you can seamlessly blend content of different forms and show it while your social wall is still running. Thus, captivating the attention of the spectators seamlessly.

4. Maximize Your Reach and Audience Engagement

Need we mention the amazing reach that showcasing social content on digital signage has? Placing your digital screen outside of the bar can easily fetch the attention of passers-by and maybe also have them an implied invitation to visit the bar.

Further, you can also show your social icons to direct people to follow your business on social media channels. Thus, boosting your reach in both ways.

Additionally, if digital screens can attract, they can also engage the audience and keep them hooked to the content getting displayed on the screen.

5. Enhance Sales Right Where They Happen With Social Walls

By showing relevant content just in time sale, via a digital signage display, you can provide customers with more information about your bar and the serviceable menu and, ultimately, impact the purchasing decisions of the visitors.

It also makes for a great option to showcase user-generated content, which works as a powerful social proof and further helps convince potential customers that your bar and the vibe are great.

Additionally, this UGC coupled with branded posts can lure the audience, and they might share the word about you to their peers, thus enhancing sales.

How Can You Use A Social Media Wall Digital Signage Solution?

Digital signage offers a seamless way of showcasing multimedia content on digital screens. In addition, this content can be altered quickly and remotely through digital signage software, making it a flexible and cost-effective solution for marketing and advertising.

Showcasing a social wall on digital signage can help you showcase dynamic content along with other digital content on public screens. You can take the awe-inspiring content created by your community to another level, learn how.

1. Collect Content From Multiple Social Media Platforms

Aggregate user-generated content from hashtags, profiles, and handles with utmost ease and display it on digital signage. You can choose which social media platform you want to include on your social wall. Social media aggregators like Taggbox Display can help in doing so without any hassle.

2. Moderate The Aggregated Feed

Moderate the aggregated feed to filter out any irrelevant and ill content to display only those posts which are relevant to your brand. Filtering enhances the appropriateness of the content and keeps the audience looking forward to more.

With Taggbox dIsplay, you can moderate the feed easily in minutes.

3. Customize The Wall

Before making the wall live, add customizations to enhance its look and feel and to maintain the brand’s aesthetics on the wall. Taggbox Display offers a premium range of themes and customization options to make your wall worth a while.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Showcasing social media on digital signage is the street-smart strategy to win the customers’ attention by showcasing what the social media interactions are unfolding like concerning your business.

Further, when customers are the core of any and every industry these days, why not let them do the talking?

Now that you know all the amazing benefits of leveraging a social media feed on digital screens and an insight of how you can do it, why not get going with strategizing and execution already?

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