Top Effective Tips of SEO for Your Ecommerce Business

In the world of Ecommerce, success is when you have reached your revenue goals among the growing competitors. To reach those goals you want traffic to your site and convert them. Yes, yes, you can run advertising campaigns to increase your traffic but it is not a sustainable solution. Once the campaigns end the traffic depletes. But there is a way to increase the traffic to your ecommerce website organically. Organic traffic is the visits you get to your website based on search results. So, this does not count all the visits due to your advertising campaigns.

Effective Tips of SEO

If you search for products in your niche, chances are that you might have seen some site on the top of search results. Have you ever wondered why those websites always appear at the top in the search results? Do you want your website to appear in the top results too? Then read the following article to know more.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation that became popular since 2015. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means optimizing your website for the search engine to give attention to your website. So, it’s more of an attention seeking act obviously. SEO can be primarily classified on two factors: on-site page factors and off-site page factors. On site seo includes all the different parameters present in a webpage. Those include the content, structure of your website, priority HTML tags such as Title tags, meta-data tags, internal linking, etc. Off-site seo refers to parameters such as links to your website from other domains.

Why is SEO relevant?

SEO is what dictates the ranking of the search results. Think of the first page of the search results as real estate property with the highest value (Seriously who goes to the second page of search results?). Since it is of the highest value, everyone tries to get a piece of it. But getting it is not so easy and at the same time it is not too difficult. Yes, yes, there are a whole lot of online seo services, ecommerce seo services built around this SEO thingy. With research and persistence, you can try and achieve on your own.

Actionable tips that you can use.

Here are some top effective tips of SEO for your Ecommerce Business.

Creating a beautifully structured website

A simple thought experiment on the kind of building that would be easy to navigate is one where consistency is followed throughout the building. What it means is that the placement of certain aspects of the building follow a few simple rules and that is followed throughout the building. Similarly, people like to visit a website where they can easily access the product they want to buy. An example of inconsistency is where to reach the product of interest, different products take different number of clicks to reach it. Also minimize the number of clicks needed to reach the product to not more than three.

So, at the end your website has a structure such as Domain > Categories> Subcategories > Products. While naming your subcategories use small trailing keywords (more on this later).

Knowing your keywords

Keywords are the search terms used by the users to get relevant results of what they are searching. Using the right keyword in the blog helps in making the content SEO friendly.

There are two types of keywords: short-trail and long-trail keywords. Short-trails are shorter and general terms used for the search. E.g.: shoes Long-trail are terms of 26-40 characters that are more specific. E.g.: leather pointy shoes for men.

There are three aspects in choosing the right keyword: search volume, competition and relevance

Choosing keywords with low competition and higher search volume would increase your chances of standing out. Understand your audience and select your keywords accordingly.

Optimizing your website


Use short URLs with core keywords in it.

Meta Title tags

Use focused keywords in the title. Lead it with numbers and try to keep relevant. Use parentheses to get a higher click through rate.

Meta descriptors

It summarizes the content of your webpage. Try using the relevant keywords and keep it catchy.


Implant those keywords throughout your content. Use subheading wherever necessary to make the navigation easy for the users.

Knowing about pagination

Okay you have so many products on business that when a user searches for his product of interest, numerous results appear. Pagination refers to the way of presenting your search results. There are generally three ways to present your products: showing a certain number per page, using load more button and infinite scroll method. Load more and infinite scroll methods are trendy these days as they take less time to load.

Upgrading your website with an SSL certificate

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer that allows encryption and decryption of the data sent over the network. Consider getting an SSL certificate based on worthiness for the investment for your Ecommerce business. Getting an SSL certificate upgrades your website from http:// to https://. Now your website is more secure. When a website is https://, Google takes them as more trustworthy and ranks them higher in the search results.


Try getting backlinks from other relevant domains to your website. This again increases your trustworthiness as others are vouching for your business improvement. As you already know Google favours websites with high trustworthiness, it prefers to rank your website higher.

There are various ways of getting backlinks to your website. But of all the easiest way is by

using broken links. In this you find broken links relevant to your niche that already have backlinks to it. There are many online seo services. Now you reach out to the webmaster who has given a backlink to the existing broken link. You notify him of the broken link and suggest an alternate link (your links) to be used instead.

One other way is by writing content on popular blogging websites.

If you think this is not your cup of tea, there are some many online seo services and ecommerce seo services. But you need to spend some amount.

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