7 Ways To Upgrade And Improve Your Commercial Bathroom Stalls

If you’ve ever had to use a public bathroom, you know the importance of having clean and modern stalls. Commercial bathroom stalls should always be well maintained and upgraded. A nice-looking bathroom will provide the right first impression, which is why some businesses will go out of their way to ensure that they are always looking spick and span. This article will discuss the 7 ways you can transform and upgrade your commercial bathroom stalls for a new modern appearance.

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1) Use Bathroom Partitions 

This is an obvious choice and the most common upgrade to any bathroom stall. Partitions are easy to install, affordable, and easy to maintain. If you want your bathroom stalls to look more modern, consider using partitions. They can be found in many types of materials, such as glass, wood, plastic, and metal as seen at www.fastpartitions.com, so it’s easy to find ones that will match your needs and budget. They also come in a variety of colors and designs so make sure you match them with your overall bathroom decor.

2) Paint The Bathroom Stall

Another easy upgrade is to paint the inside of your bathroom stall. If you have a basic white color, consider getting it painted in a more modern color such as light gray, dark gray, or even black. This will give a stylish yet clean look to your commercial bathroom stalls and make them feel new. You can make it even more stylish with graffiti art on the inside of your stalls. You can also paint the outside of your stalls with a bright color to make the bathroom look brighter and more exciting.

3) Add Mirrors  

Adding mirrors to your bathroom stalls will give it an updated appearance. Mirrors can be hung on the outside of each stall or above each sink. It is also possible to have framed mirrors placed on a wall, which will give a more modern look and feel. Mirrors are a very easy way to upgrade your bathroom stalls.

4) Hang Pictures

Another way to upgrade your bathroom stalls is to add pictures. Hanging photos on the wall will give a new and modern look, while also adding some life and color to your bathroom. There are a lot of ideas when it comes to hanging printed pictures in a bathroom stall. You can add a collection of photos with inspirational quotes or you can get creative and create your own unique collage. You can even hang paintings and other forms of art for a touch of class and sophistication.

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5) Add Colorful Rugs 

Adding rugs to the floor of your bathroom stalls will give it a new modern look. You can pick out bright-colored rugs with different patterns, such as chevron or leopard print. If you want something more subtle, choose a nice solid color or a colorful print. You can even DIY and make your own bathroom rugs to give a unique look to your stall. Rugs might be harder to maintain but they are a great way to add life and style.

6) Replace Doorknobs and Hooks

Another way to upgrade the bathroom stalls is to replace the doorknobs and hooks. If the doorknob is too basic, you can upgrade to a more modern design with a rounded handle. You can also choose from a variety of hooks for inside the stall or outside in case people need to hang their clothes up. This will give a modern look to your bathroom stalls. You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and materials to get what you want for your bathroom. Make sure that you purchase quality knobs and hooks that won’t easily break or snap off when customers open the doors. For example, choose metal, glass, or even resin handles. Make sure to pick something that will match your bathroom decor.

7) Add Shelves

Another easy upgrade is to add shelving units. There are many affordable options that you can choose from, which will give your bathroom stalls a stylish look. Shelves are great because they let customers easily put their belongings away if they need to use the restroom. You can even add decorative flowers, candles, or other items on the shelves for an added touch of style and look nice and clean-cut.

There are many ways for upgrading your commercial bathroom stalls, including painting the inside of them with modern color or adding mirrors. It is also possible to paint outside of the stall and add pictures for an updated appearance that will give customers something new to look at. You can also replace doorknobs and hooks with more decorative options if you want to customize your bathrooms. There are many affordable upgrades available so take some time to figure out which one works best for you! Hopefully, this article helped you figure out how to transform your bathroom stalls for a clean and modern look.

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