Interesting Facts about Display Hooks

Display hooks, simply put, are accessories that almost all retail store owners must invest in. Be it a convenience store, electronics store, groceries, or jewelry shop; chances are they will require display hooks for maximizing their store real estate. However, some retail store owners often get by without these, yet unfortunately; this restricts the amount of space one needs to display products.

The best choice will be to invest in display hooks, especially SI display hooks, to show more products within less space. Often display hooks are taken for granted. Having wide usage in tradeshows, retail stores, and other places, these tiny products do not get the needed recognition for the pivotal role they play.

Different Types

Display hooks are in great demand owing to their attractive features and plentiful benefits. When it comes to types, you are spoiled for choice. Display hooks are available in different styles, sizes, and fittings to cater to the variegated needs. Some of these comprise,

  • Picture Hooks – These hooks are small and short in size and has been specially designed for holding products like clocks, mirrors, and picture frames.
  • Flipper Scan Hooks – These hooks come with an extra hook above. They come with an insert fixed at the end to display the description or product price.
  • Loop Hooks – It has a loop design that creates a broader hook that prevents items from swiveling or swinging on the hooks.
  • Wire Mesh Display Hooks – These are especially for fitting into the units of grid mesh wire display. It has a C section plate, which neatly fits on the mesh grid and holds in place.
  • Pegboard Hooks – These hooks are akin to Slatwall prongs. They fix with two small prongs rather than flat metal platehey haves. Thus these can fit into every form of pegboard display.
  • Slatwall Prongs – These hooks are highly compatible with all forms of Slatwall displays (gondola unit or fixed wall panel), sliding into slat panel grooves. 

Display Hook Accessories

Along with display hooks available in different types, they also have additional accessories such as,

  • Hand tags
  • Security clips
  • Stop lock magnetic key
  • Inventory control clips
  • Flip scan label holders
  • Slatwall/Pegboard fastback adaptor
  • Pegboard to the Metalboard Hook Adaptor
  • Grid Mesh and Pegboard fastback adaptor replacements

Facts about Display Hooks

For people who are a visual merchandiser or own a retail business, they are likely to search for opportunities for creating professional and unique means of displaying products on garment rails, shelving, pegboards, gridwall, and Slatwall. No wonder display hooks have gained so much recognition among business owners. They are easy to use, are pocket-friendly, and are ideal for presenting vast volumes of goods in an orderly and neat way, improving visibility, and saving space.

Display hooks are generally made out o wire, which are bent to shape and fixed to the back bracket, which mounts on Slatwall-based or pegboard displays. Displaying little goods professionally on display hooks will encourage shoppers to pick up items by offering an enjoyable and simple experience.

Owing to its wonderful features, display hooks are a must-have at any grocery, jewelry store, drug store, supermarket, and other forms of stores.

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