Effects of Office Design on Employee Productivity

Achieving maximum productivity in the office doesn’t come easy. A variety of factors will affect how you feel in your working space, making you less or more productive. From the lighting to the comfortability of your chair and the overall ambience – those are just some of the factors that can affect your productivity positively or negatively. That’s why it’s essential that the office is designed in a way that the employees can always be on top of their game. Want to know more about the effects of office design on employee productivity? Keep on reading and make your office the most comfortable place to work in.

Ambiance matters

ambiance matters

Could you feel motivated in a dull, uninspired office? Neither could other employees. Instead of feeling inspired to work, they will experience a drop in satisfaction and productivity. That’s why it’s crucial that ambiance in the office is appropriate for them to feel like they can tackle any assignment that comes their way. Introducing whimsical wall color, artwork, plants, and similar items can contribute to an inspiring ambiance that will make any employee feel happy and in the mood to accomplish their daily tasks.

Furniture must be comfortable


Spending several hours behind a desk can take a toll on your back, neck and overall posture. Unless a chair is comfortable enough for an employee to sit in it for over hours, without complaining about their sore shoulders and neck, the chair isn’t good enough. Investing in ergonomic furniture will be money well spent. It’s also a good idea to ask employees for their input and see whether they have any suggestions on comfortability improvements.

Décor is of the essence


Did you know that plants reduce stress and increase productivity? As mentioned before, living up the office ambiance is crucial for good productivity, and one of the best ways to do it is to pay attention to office décor. Plants will make the room feel fresh while also purifying the air. Aside from succulents and other potted plants, consider having a decorative plant such as a beautiful rose globe to make the room more attractive while keeping you more productive.

Lighting is crucial

lighting is crucial

Natural light reduces stress and improves vitality, which is why it’s essential that employees have as much natural light as possible. Having large windows is one of the biggest advantages because it allows plenty of natural light in while also maximizing the space. The brighter the room the happier the people in it. Dark spaces and artificial light will only decrease productivity, so, if possible, offer as much natural light in the workspace. Natural light also results in less absenteeism, reduced stress, fewer illnesses and increased employee alertness.

Amenities play a significant role too


Offering employees enough snacks and refreshments contributes to their overall job satisfaction. Knowing that they can have access to freshly brewed coffee or tea with their favorite pastry or fruit while they’re on a break will contribute to their productivity. Introduce a coffee and snack station so that employees can take quick in-office breaks instead of walking down the street to a coffee shop. On top of that, having a break room, a meditation room, or maybe even a recreational facility will also be a great way to allow your employees to reset, taking their minds off work. After a mediation break, their productivity will be at its highest.

Flexible spaces go a long way

flexible spaces

The flexible workspace will bring you a step closer to becoming an employer of the year. Allowing employees to spend time indoors as much as outdoors will contribute to their productivity. Often, employees will feel confined in the privacy of their office, so why not allow them to spend time on a rooftop patio or staff garden. On top of that, offering flexibility regarding working hours and locations is also great for increasing productivity. If the nature of the work is such that employees can work from home, allow them. Many people will be able to offer much more from the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, allowing flexible working hours will prevent stress and anxiety. As long as they do their 8 working hours, it doesn’t matter what time they checked in and out of the office.

Achieving high employee productivity rates is essential for every company’s success. However, you cannot expect employees to be productive unless you offer them optimal working conditions. Therefore, keep in mind the previously mentioned tips and allow your employees to work in the most comfortable workspace.

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