Hacks to Creating Captivating Business Cards

When promoting your business, you have to keep things interesting. If you are handing out your business cards, aim to make a lasting impression. Nobody likes a boring business card, and that is why you need designs that will match your brand.

Here are some of the simple tricks to design a stunning business card.


When designing your business cards, the question of color is a big decision to make. Bright colored business cards are likely to do better than plain white cards in business card printing.

What makes color important?

Colors not only catch the attention of potential customers but have proven to be the best marketing tool for centuries.

Colors relate to culture, lifestyle, and even emotions. They exude energy or force that highlights your business. Using the right colors for your business card will tell people a lot about your brand’s personality.


When you are creating your business card, another thing to bear in mind is the texture or quality of the business card. When you give people a captivating business card, it gives them something to talk about.

People will be intrigued by the texture of your card and its design. The feeling they get when they hold your business card is amplified when they look at its visual content.

   Using a different paper stock

You do your business card printing differently by doing away with traditional paper and going for something more unique. You can use a crisp finished paper or a thick card.

•   You can use imprints to create texture

Deploy your printer if you plan on doing letter printing or foil stamping.

•   Use a different material other than paper

There are many materials that people have used for business cards. Aside from paper, people have used materials like leather, wood, cotton burlap, and chocolate. These weird materials have produced stunning business cards all the same.


You can also make your business card more appealing by printing it out in a unique shape different from the standard business cards. You can also print out a 3D design for your business cards with the use of 3D printers, of course.

If you do not have any particular form in mind, you can play around with the standard rectangular-shaped cards by making curved edges instead of the sharp straight edges that are the norm.


Your business card should spring appreciation for your brand.  It shouldn’t be the type that gets to be tossed easily in the bin.  

Make sure your card comes with a readable text and enough spacing to make it an easy read and understand your service at a glance. Your company logo should be the focus of your card because it creates awareness about your brand.


Your business card speaks a lot about your business. It gives your customers a good impression of the services you offer. Especially if you hire a designer that creates unique and well-thought-out business cards, it’s hard to forget about your business.

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