How Custom Printed Tape Can Help Your Company

Have you ever received a shipment from a vendor you ordered from and been dissatisfied right away? Have you ever had a problem with a company’s packaging?

printed tape

Customers are increasingly equating a product’s quality with the package it comes in. A low-cost package suggests a low-cost and inferior product. The inverse also applies to a product that comes in a package that was created with effort, money, and high quality. Today’s small businesses require every advantage they can obtain over their rivals. One method to do this is to use high-quality packaging for your product. Even the tape chosen should be carefully considered.

Take a look at these advantages of custom printed tape for growing businesses and see how you can really wow your consumers.


Branding is one of the most significant advantages of using customized printed tape. As previously stated: appearance is crucial. Branding your business is a fantastic method to present your product to the rest of the world.

Make sure the images you choose are related to your company. Company names, logos, and catchphrases should be used. Promoting your brand makes it easier for people to recognize your company. Consider the Nike swoosh or the Kleenex logo. The swoosh is instantly recognizable as a Nike logo, and Kleenex, although a brand of facial tissue has become practically interchangeable for a generic tissue. Putting your firm’s logo and slogans on printed packing tape is a great way to brand your company.

Stand Out from the Crowd

One of the most basic ways printed tape benefits your company is by allowing it to stand out from the crowd. The more people who see your symbol and brand design, the better; consumers are more willing to return to your business if your branding is recognizable and reliable. It also looks more professional and demonstrates that you not only have an amazing eye for detail but also care about the aesthetic of your organization. This will increase consumer trust in your company and products.

Upgrade the Level of Safety and Security

Expense reduction is something that every company is interested in. One important way to accomplish this is to ensure that your packages are shipped and handled correctly. Consider how much it costs when a box is damaged in transit, plus the costs of returning it, resealing it, and sending it back to the consumer! It’s not something anyone wants to deal with.

Producers offer a variety of printed tapes, ranging from “fragile” to “heavy” to alert carriers to be extra cautious with the box by the time it reaches your customer. However, it not only alerts the carrier, it also informs your customers that you took extra precautions when sending the goods. These small touches will enhance the overall consumer experience and leave a lasting impression on your brand and company.

Organize With Colored Tape

Good organization, particularly Warehouse Entity, is one of the keys to success. Being able to rapidly identify the products or things you require in your warehouse can significantly accelerate your warehouse or business’ manufacturing operations. Operators can immediately see where one or several products are, take them out, and put them on the manufacturing line if the colorful tape is used to designate different types of merchandise in the warehouse. This reduces down on time spent looking for a product or determining if it’s the right one!

Colored BP acrylic tape is a water-based acrylic that can be used in high temperatures, provide better sealing over time, and be less expensive than most carton wrapping adhesives now on the market.

Packaging Costs are Reduced

Custom tapes are a low-cost way to promote your business. These tapes are particularly useful when you don’t want a lot of inventory piling up; all you need are simple cartons to where you can apply the bespoke tape for branding. It’s a low-cost strategy to promote your brand in front of your customers.

Options for Printed Tape

On clear, white, or buff-colored tape, you can print anything from one color to four spot colors. Additional colors can be printed on top of a flood color put on the background. There are options for printing on colored tape and using fluorescents.

Vinyl vs. Polypropylene Tapes Explained

We usually print on one of the two types of tape listed below, and they are both excellent for sealing boxes and parcels.


Vinyl tape is made of PVC and has the following characteristics.

  • This tape has a higher tack and strength than polypropylene tape.
  • The vinyl tape has the advantage of being silent when it is removed from the roll.
  • It’s tough and maybe readily pulled from the roll to the necessary length by hand.
  • It can be used with or without a hand-held tape dispenser.
  • It has a strong adhesive and can be applied to any type of paper or cardboard.

Tape made of acrylic (polypropylene)

Acrylic tape, also known as polypropylene, has the following characteristics.

  • A wonderful low-cost substitute for vinyl tape.
  • It’s also a strong and effective packaging tape, however, it’s a little noisy when it comes off the roll.
  • Polypropylene tape is best cut via a hand-held tape dispenser, which is more efficient than cutting the tape by hand.


Who knew customized printed tapes had so many advantages? While some of the advantages of branding are evident, others are not. However, each of the advantages is significant.

Depending on your company’s demands, each of the two main tape options has its own set of benefits. While the company’s aims are to develop and expand, and we all want those lovely Apple product boxes in the end, they start small.

Save money by investing in printed tapes, which will improve your brand and make you stand out to your clients at the same time!

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