Investing in answering services to increase the value of your real estate business

Any business or venture including real estate is based on the cornerstone of investment; for logistics, ad campaigns or customer relations. With a growing real estate business, it is highly beneficial to invest in services that help the venture to prosper.

As a real estate merchant, one thing is sure! The more the phone keeps ringing, the more is the money you make. Now, the general practice involves answering these calls by a hired help or by you personally. However, it is a fact that when professionals don’t handle the calls, there is an increased chance of a lead slipping away. Invest with Call Porter real estate answering service to help your business scale new heights.

Primarily, a professional real estate answering service consists of several professionals equipped for handling phone calls and associated public relation target fulfillment in an off-site location. The firm is responsible for attending and answering all your phone calls with respect to your real estate venture and relay information to the appropriate parties.

A general outline

An excellent answering service is like an extension of your real estate venture and investment operations. The professionals are trained to answer and take calls as a member of your team. So even if the service is located off-site, a caller would never know about it. An answering service works as a seamless external unit, trained like an employee to record and relay information to the caller and you. Gone are the days when you need to hire a receptionist or delegate the calls to another co-worker at your firm. This distribution of labor is cost-effective and is undoubtedly a fool-proof method against the leads slipping away through the cracks.

With an answering service, there are no “guess times” involved. Time matters; so is money! Investing in a call answering service helps you save on both. Through this service you can eliminate call-on-hold, transferring of calls, voicemail messages. Appointment setting also becomes easy with schedule showings, reminder calls and road directions for the property handled by professional experts.

Benefits of a call answering service for real estate investors


You will improve the productivity by engaging a call answering service for your venture. You will need to worry less about answering calls, fixing appointments. Focusing on selling of the properties becomes your only job. Get rid of administrative tasks through a real estate call answering service.

Appointment scheduling

The capturing of leads and booking of the appointment is crucial for your venture to survive the rigors of the modern day market. Every call can be a potential lead, and professional service will ensure leads mature into bookings to help your business grow.

24-7 services

A professional call answering firm will provide 24-7 coverage beyond the regular 9-5 weekday office hours. It means you will never miss out on a potential deal.


You can free up essential workforce by investing in a firm responsible for the handling of calls and appointments. Use your employees in better revenue-generating positions.

An answering service is a better option as you don’t have to employ and pay up a person solely for answering calls. Invest today and watch your business grow!

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