It’s Easy to Take Control of Your Business through Android Based Gadgets

Sculpting a business with just one tool in hand, and that is an Android OS mobile is not impossible, and also not a new thing in today’s world. Smartphones are governing huge decisions and helping people manage clusters of the job together from one small 5 to 6-inch device. That is the joy of having something bundled under such short space, which makes life simpler in all respects. Connectivity, storage, contacts, feature-rich applications, calculations, deductions, information, decision making, controlling things, ordering items, and all can be done through smartphones.

It’s Easy to Take Control of Your Business through Android Based Gadgets 1


Storage forms the most important part of business feasibility with smartphones. Smartphones have been deemed feasible for conducting, controlling, and monitoring a business on the go ever since two things became seamless through them. One is cloud computing and storage, and the next thing is high-speed internet connectivity.

The new age smartphones all have good impressive configurations to store lots of videos, audios, and image files, and most important apps and games, etc. But this does not mean that important business-related files would also be stored on the same device. The limited yet huge storage is kept allotted for local file storage for media and entertainment only. But business is serious, and hence cloud storage is the best choice for conducting business. That is why when you are using an Android-based gadget, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, you actually ensure to pick a good cloud computing platform to keep your business app and files safe and always accessible from any part of the world. And that is the beauty of the amalgamation of Android-based gadgets and cloud storage. It makes wonders happen without making you confined to the small limited storage capacity of the device.

Cloud-based business

Conducting business, managing things, monitoring, calculating, and executing instructions- all through a tablet or smart phone, have become possible, only because of the latest technology cloud-based storage and business services.This means, the importance of the cloud-based service for business, or more precisely the entire SaaS (software as a service) concept only made it possible for the mobile or tablet user to take control and think of running their online business through the gadgets only.


One of the most important steps in making a business run well and multiplying revenue with time is to do well-planned marketing for the business. Proper marketing creates the basis for the future success of the business.But not all types of marketing apply everywhere. Based on the business type the marketing pattern also changes. And based on the requirement of marketing, marketing plans, and platforms, etc., the budget for marketing and strategy making varies widely. In the case of SaaS-based businesses especially run through mobiles and Android-based gadgets, the marketing plans and average marketing budgets are always of a specific type on some theories.

Fixing a marketing budget is most important

Marketing is perhaps the most important part of any business. If you are not putting enough effort and time into it, then there are no hopes for the business to grow. Also, time and effort are not the only things in marketing. Money also is most important. If you do not have money enough and if you don not have a good budget to work on marketing, then also with effort only you may do very little. Hence there must be a good budget allotted for marketing, and this must be a repetitive process every month on month for the business to grow in a systematic, planned way.

Generating revenue for marketing

In the initial days of your cloud-based business through the mobile or tablet etc., you will have to allot as much revenue coming from the business as possible for marketing only. The thought for using the revenue for other purposes may not be the right one in the initial phase of the business. In the first few months, you may have to allot more than 60% of the revenue generated from the business into marketing only. Marketing needs a lot of money, like in paid advertising, paid to click programs, and for sponsored listings. Two main places where you need money to showcase the business are Facebook ads and Google listings. Other than these two, there are many other important places to put ads, invest more money, etc. And it’s obvious that nothing of this sort would be cheap. You need time, effort, money, and also good marketing experts to handle these campaigns.

How much revenue to put aside for marketing?

Commonly SaaS-based businesses try to put aside 80 to 120 percent of their revenue in the first few months of business. Once the business gets set, after a few months, this percentage can be brought down to 50% and kept that way for the following months consistently. One thing is for sure. You are into the competition and business only till the time you keep marketing campaigns as the most important efforts and part of the business. Once you get blinded by success and forget marketing, things will slow down for you thereby bringing fall in revenue too.

Android-based marketing

Just like mobile-based apps and cloud services are there, marketing services for the Android gadget-based businesses are also there. They are there to understand the exact marketing needs for such businesses which are solely operated from such hand help gadgets. That is why the style of marketing and plans etc. also are dedicated to this style of promotion.


With the right aids, you can take any startup to the peak just by controlling things from the mobile. Simpleandroid based gadgets can be the best tool for handy business management, and you may get great support from them.Moreover, every mobile or tablet in the cloud can serve as a node for business management thereby making the controlof operations, database, and all executions really easy, parallel, fast, and seamless. And cloud-based SaaS services makes the experience even enjoyable.

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