Nightclubs Moving to Beat of Marketing

Step up to the new way to bring business into your nightclub.

The best nightclubs use a mix of marketing styles to appeal to all classes of clubbers.

As the following article shows, here’s your quick guide to nightclub marketing.

Package Deals

Everybody loves a party and the easier your nightclub makes it for the partiers, the better.

Clubs like the Viceroy Miami know how to combine the old and the new with their Casablanca New Year’s Eve celebration. Guests dress like characters in the vintage Casablanca movie.

Package deals are available with VIP table seating, complimentary champagne, VIP access to the fireworks display and a whole lot more. Package deals make it easy for club goers to entertain guests, which mean more business for you.

Texting Gets the Message Across

Nightclub owners know that most of their clientele are avid texters. Why not get in on the action by implementing a mass marketing texting campaign?

Offer deals on packages (see above), access to a speedy entrance line, and advance notification of upcoming events.

If you’re a nightclub owner, and you don’t send out marketing texts, you’re customers will wonder what they’re missing.

Bring in the A-Listers

Top nightclub owners know that being associated with an A-Lister makes their spot hotter than not. Even if that A-Lister never even shows up on the spot, the mere connection will be enough to bring crowds around. Ibiza nightclub in Miami got Pitbull to come in and promote both the club and his latest album.

Consequently, the nightclub enjoyed stellar turn out that night and for many more nights. You don’t necessarily have to contact Pitbull’s publicist.

As long as you’re A-Lister has a name for being hip, it can be a local celebrity, or even someone whose star has faded a little since their high fame days.

Host an Event

Club goers love contests and events, and when you make your nightclub the scene of any kind of event, you can be sure the floor will be packed. If you can’t convince an organization to host an event at your venue, then host your own.

Come up with a theme, an idea or an event that will elicit the excitement of your local nightclubbing community.

Some cool ideas include hosting a dancing contest, a la Dancing With the Stars, having a live band play off, where audience members vote in their choice for best band, or a costume contest, where clubbers vote for best costume, worst costume, funniest costume and more.

Be Socially Friendly

Your nightclub can be a light for the community as well as offering a hopping after dark night scene.

Don’t forget that sponsoring local causes and charities helps give your club a good name. There’s nothing that says that a nightclub owner can’t be charitable toward the local PTA or the community animal rescue league.

Your genuine interest in helping the community will boomerang back to you in more ways than one. You might just find an ally in the community when you need it most.

The key is to remember that no business is immune to the need for marketing.

If you want to make it in any business, you have to know how to reach customers, appeal to the local interests, and add value to the neighborhood you’re a part of.

About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about best business practices.

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