Role of Digital Marketing in Business

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The need for Digital Marketing has been around for quite some time, and it’s here to stay. As long as there are businesses, and products that need to be sold, you can expect this field to keep on growing.

Nowadays, people spend most of their time looking at screens for either work, or leisure, and this has been a golden opportunity for marketers to capitalize on.

At the end of this article, you’ll have a better “sense of purpose” when it comes to Digital Marketing and all the aspects that it affects in business 

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Let’s start with the definition of Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital channels like phones, tablets, and PC’s to reach consumers. 

So “How”?

If you want the short answer, Digital Marketing markets your products online in order to reach customers.

It’s a major role in enhancing digital brand awareness in the digital space as well as driving website traffic and acquiring leads/customers. Some companies devote their entire services for the sole purpose of this field

Stop for a second, i just want to make sure it’s clear to you, the reader, that Marketing isn’t sales. It’s related, however it is not, in itself, sales. 

Wait.. what? 

Marketing focuses on attracting appropriate prospects, developing warm sales leads, and providing supporting materials to encourage purchase.

If it comes as a surprise to you, then you probably aren’t a Marketing major. The purpose is to drive sales, but the task isn’t. I’d like to be clear about that certain difference before we go on.

Ready? Let’s continue!

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital Marketing is related to business, because it conveys to people and shows consumers what the business is, what it does, and what it’s for, but on the digital space of things.

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1. It increases the brand’s popularity

It’s no secret that the point of both traditional marketing and Digital Marketing is to increase brand awareness. However, with Digital Marketing, you can reach a wider scope, and at the same time, be more accurate with your approach.

Your brand’s popularity will be sent directly to those who should see it! Isn’t that great? There’s more

You can reach anyone anywhere, as long as they have a smartphone, tablet, or PC! 

2. You reach customers more

Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to market your products online with a few clicks required!

Platforms like Facebook, are great places to capitalize on, as they have numerous clients and have gathered information as to who should be targeted by a particular service

Search engines are also great places! A thread in Quora talks about the vast usage of Google search, and it said that there are 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

I’m sure your product can be part of this vast number of traffic!

3. You reach the customers you want

With Facebook’s targeting algorithm, they gather information about people and what they like.

If your product is related to these interests and/or demographics, expect traffic and attention when you’re running your ads, as they’re sent to people who are interested!

4. You send your message to the right people 

Given that you now know that you reach more quality customers, anyone anywhere, you are now presented with a whole new landscape of opportunities!

Now that businesses have boundless ways to reach the right clientele, now’s the time for brands to build themselves. Riding this wave can make or break a company, as both being famous and infamous are entirely possible.

The stakes are higher, yes, but this is what business is about!


Digital marketing can be an essential element for every business today, and entrepreneurs should start considering ways on how to apply them.

Everything is now global, and it is up to entrepreneurs to keep up with the methods of today, especially the young startups who are building up.

In the business’ competitive landscape, you sink or you swim.

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Author Bio:

Lance Ebol, a digital marketing enthusiast. A believer in the new. In a world where people’s attention is ever-evolving, it is up to us to create content that continues to influence and hopefully inspire.


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  1. Jamie Cordon says:

    Digital marketing is really important especially for big companies that want to have an online presence and beat their competitors off the first page of Google. It is also great for small businesses because it can drive them more customers in simple strategies like being a verified Google business.

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