Should YOU Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing in 2018?

What are you? 

Do you have skill or understanding in these fields? 

  • Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Multimedia
  • Web Design and Development

This article talks about the fields of SEO and if you should give it a go!

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Should YOU Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing in 2018? 1
Do you have an interest?

Most of the people who read this, given that they are in this blog, will surely say “YES!” immediately.

But of course there will be those who are unsure and are anxious when it comes to an unfamiliar field.

Is this you? Not to worry! By the end of this blog, you’ll have a better understanding of the field and your compatibility to it! 


Copywriting is essential in Digital Marketing, as marketing is driven with content. It’s an essential element that is needed in the fast-moving information that is passed around

Although videos are becoming more and more popular sources for information, copywriting is still very essential.

Despite pictures meaning a thousand words, words will be the foundation of relaying information nonetheless. 


Advertising is one of the essentials in Digital Marketing as well. Like Copywriting and Multimedia (later on), Advertising constitutes of thinking about content and subconsciously influencing the user in buying a product.

This the skills and mindsets that advertisers have mix well with Digital Marketing, as it simply makes the difference in the consumer’s hand

Consumers dwell on smartphones, tablets, and PC’s today, and advertisers should seize this opportunity.

That’s the mix right there. You market your ads digitally. 


Sales is pretty much a fundamental in any business. Businesses need to earn a profit. To earn a profit, you need revenue, to earn revenue, you need sales!

Digital Marketing is a growing field. As more and more businesses arise, the demand for the service increases over time as well.

It is up to your sales strategies and the creative approach that it entails, where you can truly shine as a sales representative


Where there is business, there is management. As a digital marketing company grows, so too will the demand for a better, more competent management.

Management applies to these companies, as it is a stressful field that requires leaders to stand up to the occasion, especially in the case of startups

It is through patience, skill, and strategy, where managers lead and shine in the field of Digital Marketing

Managing and optimizing deadlines, account managers, sales strategies, financial management, quality management, and other aspects are what should be considered in the practice


Multimedia is where the colors flow! If you’re someone who has a creative touch in everything, this is where you’re suggested to go.

Creating content related to the goals of the client, offering a few touches of your own, and shining products in all sorts of lights will be your job

Imagination is limitless, and if you’re someone who pushes boundaries, tries all sorts of creative approaches, and mixing them with the expectations and brand of the client, take this into consideration.

Web Design and Development

If you’re someone from the technical side, Digital Marketing will still be fun for you! Logic and creativity are both sides of the coin in the profession.

Take Web Development for example. A lot of new businesses are starting to update themselves and are slowly leaning on Digital Marketing via websites and social media marketing!

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are one of the core sides of the technical side of this field, and it is something that proves both challenging and exciting!

You should also have a little creativity in you as you design the User Interface of your site.

All in all, you should expect growth both inside and outside your field, as you grow to be a technical person that slides in a little creative touch.


The field of digital marketing continues to evolve, both in creative and technically speaking.

If a bell rang in one of the areas mentioned earlier, then i suggest you take it into deep consideration!

As technology, human attention, preference, and all other aspects evolve, so too will the demand for change in the technical side of things. Expect your job to be ever-evolving.

Good luck!

Should YOU Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing in 2018? 2

Author Bio:

Lance Ebol, a digital marketing enthusiast. A believer in the new. In a world where people’s attention is ever-evolving, it is up to us to create content that continues to influence and hopefully inspire.


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