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When it comes to home automation, the first thing most people are thinking of is the installation of the electric TV lift for a huge plasma screen. Certainly, the TV screen automation is far more noticeable than other types of home automation. And this is so definitely for a reason. Screen automation brings homeowners various benefits. These are space economy, TV safety, protection for kids and the screen itself from kids when they can easily break the plasma screen when playing. Also, having a chance to hide your monitor inside some piece of furniture or behind the wall or ceiling, you would not be worried about spoiling the antique interior with the modern look of a big plasma screen. 

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What is even more exciting about motorized TV lift installation is that it doesn’t require a rocket scientist. This mission can be accomplished easily when the customer appeals to Progressive Automations – the world linear motion automation leader. With ready-made motorized TV lifts of this manufacturer, customers will not face difficulties during the installation process. Progressive Automations has different models of TV lifts suitable for different TV screen dimensions be it the pop-up TV monitor or the drop-down TV monitor. 

Choosing the TV lift technological solution offered by Progressive Automations, customers buy a bunch of smart features that allow adjustability, simple use, and easiness during the installation. Thanks to the unbelievably-high adjustability level, this linear motion automation solution is frequently preferred not only by homeowners but also by professionals like building companies interior designers, engineers, innovators. This automation solution is also preferred by numerous hotel business owners who choose this technology to become an integral element for their luxurious hotel rooms. 

Diversity of the TV lift automation units provides customers with technical specifications that allow moving the TV screen weighing about 150 Ibs and with dimensions of up to 95 Inches. Each product unit set supplied by Progressive Automations has the following parts: wireless remote control, control box, special mounting brackets, and power cables. Progressive Automations ensures that each product unit supplied to its customers is safe to install and use as all Progressive Automations products are always subjected to testing. Clients of this manufacturer are always supplied with the relevant warranty for goods purchased and are always heard out by the technical support team in case of any problems with the goods’ quality. Skilled and talented engineers always do their best for Progressive Automations customers could feel the safety and reliability when using products supplied under Progressive Automations brand. 

The TV lift automation technology is capable to save a lot of space with a single button press. “Why is this important?”, some would ask. There are a few possible answers. 

  1. Being able to hide the TV screen from a plain sight makes it easier to make a wet clean up not worrying about the safety of the screen. 
  2. Hiding the monitor behind the wall or inside some piece of furniture allows the installation of modern equipment even in the old-fashioned room interior without spoiling the feeling of antique design. 
  3. Transformation properties of drop-down and pop-up TV lifts allow combining this technology with modern equipment in any proportions and creating extremely convenient geek working corners. 
  4. The TV screen protection provided by the ability to hide it away allows the installation of plasma panels even right by the swimming pool. Even in the stormy and rainy weather would not spoil your plans as the monitor can anytime be hidden in safe space isolated from water leaks.  

Using products offered by Progressive Automations, customers obtain the unique chance to install the favorite HD screen almost everywhere they want not sacrificing a single centimeter of free space or convenience.   

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