Steps to follow for starting a video marketing campaign

Steps to follow for starting a video marketing campaign

Outreach matters a lot in marketing, and for maximum outreach, there is nothing better than videos. Nobody knows it well as much as digital marketers. There is no question about the popularity of videos that is rising rapidly every day, and it is possible to gain mileage in marketing with the right type of video content. The easy consumption of video content is the biggest attraction for consumers, and it provides immense opportunities for marketers to keep the audience engaged for long with craftily produced video content. Video content adds more value to websites because the interest it creates with visitors compel them to spend long hours on the site that sends out positive signals to Google about its superior quality. It results in better ranking in search results that strengthens SEO and gives an edge in marketing.

Websites that use videos are likely to show up in search results 53 times more than those that do not use videos. The prolonged exposure helps to build trust with consumers who start relying on the brand. Videos grab all attention over any other type of content that helps to gain maximum exposure for brands. Including video content in your marketing package can guarantee maximum outreach potential that makes the difference between success and failure in marketing. However, this does not mean that just by including videos in the content you start enjoying the gains. You must be familiar with video marketing and know its critical components that contribute to its success.

Have a plan and follow it up

Although it is fundamental that you must create a plan first, still it needs to mention again. Plans help to develop goals for marketing that drive the campaign. Therefore creating goals becomes very important because the kind of goals you create determines the fate of your marketing campaign. The goals must be pinpointed and not something generic like ‘increasing the number of subscribers.’ You must have a target number to achieve that helps to measure progress too.  There is nothing wrong in creating lofty goals but make sure that it is achievable. Consider your strengths and weaknesses to set targets that might be difficult somewhat but not impossible to achieve. Goals must be measurable so that you can track it and measure progress. Regardless of achieving goals or not, you generate valuable data that can be useful for improving strategies.

Create content based on what you know

Knowing the style of video content is important to create suitable videos for you. You can choose between three types of videos – educational videos, inspirational videos, and entertaining videos.

  • Educational videos – Educational videos revolve around the actionable steps that your audience can adopt today or thoughts and ideas that the audience can take up in their lives immediately or later.
  • Inspirational videos – Inspirational videos are the ones that can motivate the audience and consists of awe-inspiring moments and breathtaking views that form excellent motivational content.
  • Entertaining videos – Entertaining videos are light-hearted content intended to make viewers happy and make them smile or laugh. The content should have some intriguing elements that provoke users to explore your brand in more detail.

It is not binding on you to choose content from any one of the above types of videos but instead relies on the genre of content that you are familiar with. It is better, to begin with, something you already know. With time you will know what type of video content works for you best.

Making videos

Creating videos on your own can be challenging because it is a different ball game altogether and best left to the experts at https://awingvisuals.com who are well known in the field of video making. Collaborating with the expert video makers by sharing your ideas is the best way to create impressive video content. Since you have already had a plan, you have some idea about the type of video for your marketing campaign. Producing a professional video is must to start your campaign on the right footing.

Optimize content for search engines

The video content you create is not a stand-alone component of marketing but has close links to your overall digital marketing strategies, especially SEO. It is essential to optimize your video content for search engines that drive a sizeable stream of traffic to websites. Since Google treats the descriptive section of videos as content during searches, you must optimize it duly so that it helps to earn better ranks in search results. Even the best videos will have no meaning if search engines do not pick it up at the right times.  Explaining the videos crisply is what constitutes the best descriptions, and it must include keywords.

Adhere to the marketing basics and exploit the potential of ads

The principles of marketing applicable for other types of content are applicable for video content too. It means that you must eye for organic traffic as well as paid traffic. Just because you include videos into your content should not be any reason to deviate from the basics of marketing. Use the power of targeted ads to present your videos to the audience for maximum impact. Instead of creating an ad for the general audience, you can create audience-specific videos and present it through ads meant for a specific section of the audience. Like with Facebook ads you can target users based on their gender, age, location, interest and much more. This gives you the opportunity of customizing ads for specific audiences like you can create separate video content to make it relevant for any age group by addressing some of their specific needs.

Do not make the mistake of creating some common content or advertisement that does not address the audience in the way you want.

The exercise helps to increase the quality of your audience, and when you ensure that your views resonate with the audience through targeted ads, it is inevitable that you will experience higher conversions. More viewers would become your customers who would surely turn loyal with passing the time.



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