Tips to Help You Design a Customised Vinyl Promotional Sticker for Your Business

Customized vinyl stickers are pocket-friendly since they are mostly ordered in bulk. You can customize almost everything starting from the size, shape, color to even the adhesive. You can choose your own design to make sure that it resonates with the kind of audience you work with. Keep the following tips in mind while designing your sticker:


The entire process of creating custom vinyl stickers needs planning from beforehand just like any other business venture. You need to carefully choose the design that you want to get printed. As the orders are taken in bulk, careless design planning may result in the wastage of a lot of money. Hence, last-minute planning or hurried decisions are best to avoid because the production of the stickers takes up to 5-12 working days.

Additionally, you also need to keep in mind of the time that goes into forming a unique idea, considering the recommendations put forth by manufacturers and preparing a customized design because the sticker you are creating would be a stark reflection of the business or brand that it is representing. A rushed process would result in mediocre design production.

Deciding the Purpose

You need to consider where you would like to apply your promotional stickers and accordingly choose the shape and size of the same. For example, if you want a sticker to be put on a vehicle, you should choose a different shape and size as compared to if you wanted it to be placed on objects such as helmets, computers, water bottles, and others. A design that you might want to display on a window needs to be made with white ink so that it reflects light. The size or shape that you are choosing needs to clearly and quickly convey the message to its viewers.

Consider How Sticky You Want it to be

There’s no point in buying a sticker and later realizing that it doesn’t stick properly to the surface you primarily bought it for. There are different kinds of adhesives to choose from, depending on the purpose of their usages like stickers that come with ultra-removable adhesive or super aggressive adhesive. Static decals do not have adhesives. While working with a sticker distributor, you need to be very accurate about the exact kind of adhesive you want according to the usage of the sticker so that the right type of sticker can be produced.

Opt for Attractive Colours

Although the sticker might be printed on vinyl, leaving the background white won’t look good. To make your sticker pop out and be noticeable to your clients, use a background color of your choice and a white copy on the sticker.

Use the Entire Space

Understand the importance of the front of the sticker that is to be displayed without skipping to think about the various ways in which the back of the sticker can be used to. The space on the back can be used for advertising, coupons, news, postcard copy, and many other purposes.

Custom vinyl stickers are the best alternatives to switch to which will help you ensure a proven expansion of your business by ensuring increased customer attention. You can choose the kind of design that you want to be visible to your audience, giving your brand a chance to stand out.

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