Tips to Use Banner Stands Effectively

Banner stands are useful in all kinds of promotional products, to explain ideas, direct people to your booth in a busy marketplace, announce special deals etc. Also, banner stands are one of the easiest marketing displays because they are easily setup and are highly portable. But most importantly, due to their size and design, they offer flexibility in terms of placement. It is these benefits that make banner stands highly beneficial for a marketer.

banner stands

If you want to Buy Banners Stands but not sure how to use this great marketing tool, then here are some ideas to help you use them across wide range of venues.

Install it in your tradeshow booth

A banner stand is not only useful in pointing people in the right direction, they can be supplemented to your marketing strategy by arousing interest of a potential buyer. A well designed banner stand with just the right amount of information can work wonders in working as a back-up sales pitch. If you are able to pique the interest of your clients, then they are guaranteed to ask you for more information. Basically, a nicely done banner stand can do a great job in attracting your patrons to your booth.

Office lobbies to explain new products

Some office complexes that have a lot of customer walk-ins often use banner stands to explain new product features, upcoming products, and new ideas to inform the visitor. Sometimes when your clients visit your office, your well-positioned banner stand can inform them about your products and services.Office lobbies are a great place for it as that is where most visitors wait and would be able to read the banner ad text without being in a rush.

Restaurants can showcase menu specials and promotions

Restaurants too can design interesting banner stands to showcase the menu as well as chef specials. It is much easier for the guests to read and place their order without waiting for someone to hand them a menu card. These stands can also be used to display ongoing offers such as free drinks, one plus one deals, happy hours, discounts etc. It is a great tool to display all kinds of deals and promotions at a restaurant or a night club.

Stores can use it to announce sale

Many stores use the banner stands to display ongoing sale offers to their potential customers in a busy marketplace. When the onlookers notice a sale board, they often stop by to know more. It has been proven as an effective strategy to attract new customers and increase the footfall in store. Some banner stands can even add shelving to create a kiosk so that they can give product demonstrations. Since it is a low-cost investment, it is a great opportunity to entice passers-by to enter the store and enquire more.

They sell your products even if you are not there

Imagine placing a banner ad announcing your products and its features and placing it in your shop window. This banner will continue to attract attention of the shoppers walking past your store even in the night. If they are interested in what you are selling, they are likely to take down your contact information and come back when the store’s open. So, your banner ad basically continues to sell for you even when you are not around!

It points people in the right direction

Trade fairs and exhibitions are crowded with thousands of stalls under the same roof. In this scenario, your best bet to attract any new customers to your stall is by pointing people in the right direction with the help of a banner stand. A well designed banner ad will be able to stand out from the crowd and help bring people to your booth. Some businesses who have good budgets can also use multiple banners stands and group them together form a mural.

Add more information in smaller packages

If you want to get creative with the banner stands, you can place them in multiple locations in an exhibition or a mall to give customers small packets of information about your product. This can be a great way to pique the interest of customers and attract their attention. They can also be used as a greeting sign that can be placed anywhere. By now you would know that a simple and cost effective banner stand can have multiple applications that are suitable to all businesses. However, the only way you get the best out of this marketing tool is by designing it effectively. So make sure that you put the limited space on a banner stand to good use and follow the right positioning strategies to get the most out of a banner stand in a crowded marketplace

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