Using Actors to Advertise Your Business

When you’re starting a business based on something you’re already passionate about, that passion transfers directly to your new business. You become as attached to it and as protective of it as a mama bear is with her newborn cubs. Woe betides the poor soul who messes with it. Don’t mess with mama!

As much as it may be your baby, your idea, and your life’s dream, you probably still need some help getting it off the ground. You might be able to do 99% of all the work yourself (you’re a superhero if you can!) but there’s still that one percent that someone else has to do.

Cover Art

Consider the case of a writer who has just spent months toiling over the manuscript for a new novel. They’ve burned the midnight and sweat blood over the phrasing of a sentence, trying to get it just so before they move on to the next one. They’re finally finished with it and they want to publish it online. That’s when they run into a snag.

They can’t draw or paint.

A supremely gifted writer may turn out to be a horrible artist, unable to paint much of anything, forever stuck at the stick figure stage of drawing. It happens all the time. The problem is, without a good cover to attract attention, no one will ever read the book they’ve been slaving over for so long. They need help.

Take a look at the cover art on these murder mystery books. It probably cost each author between $300 to $600 to have an artist create it for them. It’s not the book. It’s the cover for the book, but because it was done by a professional, it immediately tells you all kinds of things about the book.

You’ll make your decision on whether or not to even open it based on what the cover looks like. If the cover doesn’t interest you, you won’t buy it. You won’t even thumb through it. But if it grabs your attention enough that you pick it up, then it did exactly what it was supposed to. However much that cover art cost the author, it was money well spent.


The cover of a book is a form of advertising, trying to entice people to buy it. Your business needs advertising and marketing too. If you’re opening a beauty salon you need to advertise that fact and show off what you are capable of. In the case of a beauty salon that means showing off the haircuts and styles, you can do. Static shots of the front of your beauty salon or a wonderful logo won’t be enough. People want to see your work.

If you’re starting a bodybuilding supplement shop, the same thing applies to you too. You need pictures of your products, but a picture of a jar of protein powder isn’t enough. Not by a long shot.

What you need in both cases are people to stand in front of the camera to model your hairdos or flex their muscles while holding that jar of protein powder.


That’s where https://www.jaheadshots.com/actor-headshots comes in. They offer $350 to $500 studio options where a professional photographer will pose actors with your product(s) with multiple background options and a variety of retouch options as well.

You can use these professional photos on your company website as well as on your social media pages to promote your business. Forbes published the findings of a study that concluded that 82% of people trust a company with a social media presence and up to 77% of them are more likely to wind up buying something from such a company.

Social media is definitely something you need to be involved in. Having photogenic actors modeling your product and/or using it increases those odds even further since it’s long been known that people, male and female alike, are drawn to attract people in preference to unattractive ones. It may not be politically correct but it is monetarily correct.

Do you want to be politically correct or do you want your business to succeed? You can have one or the other but it’s difficult, if not impossible, to have both at the same time.

Headshots Work

Headshots of attractive people holding your products or using them work. They draw initial attention online and then they keep people’s attention once they’ve got it. Like the cover art for that book, the pictures you post will tell customers a story about what to expect from your business once they get inside and look around at what is available.

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