Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Emails have always been a viable marketing option for all kinds of businesses. This is simply because they’re used by people of all ages, who check their inboxes regularly for any school, college, or work updates. When you take the time to invest in building a strategy and gathering email addresses, you’ll be able to convert prospective buyers into existing consumers. With that being said, our guide here provides you with some ways that can up your email marketing game.

Update Your Email List Regularly

Your website should ideally offer a subscription for users to continue reading or for discounts. Your email list will continue to expand if you have regular traffic; however, some people may misspell a word or provide fake addresses. This may affect your delivery performance because your emails could end up in spam folders, and later on, your website will be labeled as spam. With that being said, you should check your list, see if there are any invalid addresses, and update it regularly. 

Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Use Interactive Content

A block of text may drive users away, especially if you don’t format your email in a way that makes it easier on the eyes To keep the reader focused, try to use dynamic content such as GIFs or emojis. Almost everyone uses them now in every conversation because they keep the flow going and lighten the mood, but try not to overdo it or your email will just come off as cheesy.  Another way to stay interactive is to send your audience catalogs to flip through, videos, or links with quizzes that relate to your brand. 

Write Personalized Emails

Sending the same email to all of your lists is unprofessional and will drive your customers away. If you want them to read what you send them, make sure to personalize the content. That’s why the marketeers at CirrusInsight.com/ recommend starting the email by greeting the target customer using their names and sending them links of items that will intrigue them by keeping track of their interests and transaction histories. This way, they are more likely to click on the link that directs them to your website and make a purchase. 

It is also advised to have the email come from a real person such as a manager, an agent, or the CEO. This is because people neglect most emails that come from a ‘no-reply’ service.  You have to let people know that you care by responding personally. You can either hire a customer service team or use automated bots that can address your users with their names.

email marketing strategy

Provide Customers with Teasers

Sharing a lot of content in one long email may bore the reader. With that in mind, consider including teasers about each article or item you’re marketing and provide a link that they can click to read more. This will help them scroll down faster until a certain hook catches their attention, instead of giving up on the whole email if the first couple of paragraphs don’t appeal to them. 

Include Other Platforms

To make email marketing a more powerful tool, consider including other platforms to support it. For instance, link your website or social media account in the content, but make sure to slide it in smoothly without directly asking potential customers to click the link. This will help you gain more traffic, increase your SEO, and your chance of collecting even more emails in the future. 

Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly 

There is a small chance that people check their emails from a PC  except if they are at work. It is more likely that they will check their inbox on a mobile phone. That’s why you need to make sure that whatever format you use for your emails are mobile-friendly because if it doesn’t display correctly, the chances are users won’t even skim them. This is more important if you use dynamic content, so perform a test run to make sure that it displays properly on different smartphones. Furthermore, ensure that it is displayed vertically with no need to tilt the phone. 

Ask for Feedback

Customer engagement is crucial because the lack of interaction will make them lose interest. To involve them, you should ask them about their opinions and if they would like to change anything about the website, your products, shipping options, or even the prices. If they send you their feedback, make sure to get back to them to let them know that you’ve read what they had to say. A pro-tip is to respond to positive and negative feedbacks equally alike. It doesn’t matter how you choose to engage with them, but make sure it’s not time-consuming on your end. 

Email marketing will probably never get old because it is still used for all kinds of correspondence. Improving your strategy will help you expand your reach and retain customers, which will help your business flourish. Remember that engaging with your audience and providing them with easy means to feel included is crucial to your marketing plan. 

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