What All You Need to Know About Lenticular Printing Before Opting for it?

No matter what business or industry you are in, in order to keep ahead of the competitors, you need a strategy regarding every aspect that will keep you ahead of others and create an appealing and influential image in front of your target audience.

lenticular printing

And it’s no secret that your packaging technology and methods need to be eye-catching. Also, printed materials, print advertisements for marketing purposes have to be attracting the customer’s view. However, what if everyone is creating something unique in this regard? What can you do that takes you to the next level? Try out lenticular printing. But before you start looking for lenticular printing manufacturers, it is important that you know about it in detail so as to ascertain how you can make the most of it for your brand’s benefit.

What is Lenticular Printing?

This is a technology in which images are printed using lenticular lenses, to create a depth of illusion. This renders a finished image that has the ability to move or change the image when viewed from different angles. It is a kind of dimensional in-depth imaging.

Evolution of Lenticular Printing Technology

While this form of technology has been for some time, but the popularity has grown manifold in recent years. Earlier only 2-3 images could be used for the printing purpose, but now more images can be used, sometimes as much as up to 20 to hold the print together for simulating the video. What makes it more interesting is that no special equipment is required, and the printing method is adaptable to different uses.

How Does It Work?

This works by making use of two important things – lens and printed flat images. The lens is run vertically, from 40 to 150 lines per inch. The images should be prepared in a particular way which depends on what sort of result visuals you are expecting. The different images are sliced and interlaced in a repeated pattern that allows for motion and depth. The slice width of the image is dependent on the device’s resolution capability and the type of lenticular lens that is used.

What are the Different Types of Effects?

In effect, there are two types of effects:

  • 3D – Visual elements are placed on different spatial planes to create depth illusion.
  • Animation – This is a kind of computer-generated animation where image frames are played akin to a motion picture.
  • Animation effect includes three further categories:
  • Zoom – This is an effect where images jump out or propelled forward. It is ideal to be used for logo.
  • Flip – As the name suggests, it means the image visual is turned on and off, meaning one image gets completely changed to another. Ideal to be used on projects where you are projecting a ‘before and after’ or ‘cause and effect’ feature.
  • Morph – This is where one image is transformed into another. This is great for showing the progression from ‘previous’ to ‘new’.
  • Combination – While the effects are used individually, you can also use them in combination, with common ones including Motion/3D, Flip/3D, Motion/Zoom.

Benefits of Lenticular Printing for the Brands

As this technology has its own aspects and brings something unique and effective images, it provides several advantages to the brands. So, if you are wondering what kinds of advantages your business or brand can gain from this printing technology, then read on to know more:

  • Graphic Results

Unlike a simple image that regular printing brings to you, lenticular printing provides you with a viewed effect that is bound to attract the onlooker. This means that your product gains higher interest from the people, and they end up staring at that for a longer period, meaning more interest in your product and brand.

  • An Interesting, Unique Advertisement Form

With the result that this printing technology provides you, it is safe to assume that you will have something that is interesting in its form. A strong advertising strategy and a creative team can create print models that will make your brand outstand ahead of the competitors.

  • Not That Expensive

With the kind and effect that lenticular printing is all about, it is safe to assume that you would be pretty much concerned about how much it could cost you. However, you shouldn’t be worried that much in this regard as for bulk printing products, it won’t cost much higher. And the kind of result you will gain from this unique printing method, the return on investment tends to be high.

When you are looking for lenticular printing manufacturers, make sure that you use bright and strong imagery, have considered the colour choice and image placement include elements that are similar in shape, and have visualized how the result will pan out. Make sure that you avoid an overly complex animation, do not go for extremely small print type, and should not use italic, serif, and such fonts that won’t give a pleasing print finish.

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