Why Investing In A Signage Board Is A Good Idea For Your Business

If you are looking to build your brand in NYC, your company’s sign is enough to get overall information about the system. Apart from the name of the business, the delivery that your signage does is more than the expected. The color, pattern, style of the delivery, and the size of the signage- it all forms an overall design and tone of your brand. With this, it also enhances the setting and the trend of the channel letters. Your exterior signage leaves your customer with a considerable impact that can leave an everlasting, extending impression to your business. Now, one must wonder, what exactly is channel letter, and how can it help one?


Let us dive into various types of channel letters and how it can help your business.

Understanding channel letter: Basically, channel letters are 3-D signage that is usually embossed on the wall. It is a heavy-duty material made from rust-proof aluminum, and using this material; the manufacturers prepare each letter and number. It usually varies on the size of the entire design and the depth of each letter. A translucent acrylic cover is used on the surface of each letter. The name and the message are then chosen by the company for the channel letter and then is informed in two forms. It is then, can be placed individually or on a race-way that gets mounted on the wall.

Types of channel letters: The channel letters have successfully gained popularity over the years and have also earned the overall recognition of the brand. If you look at the various types of channel letters, you’ll notice the kind of impact it has embarked over the years and how it has helped the business to gain recognization. There are different types of channel letters one chooses for their business.

  • Front line channel letter: Also, commonly known as standard channel letter, they are used at shopping centers and retail malls, the surfacing of the material is acrylic and is then lightened from within using neon gas tubes or the modules of LED. The signage is used to deliver the overall tone of the business and establishing an appealing appearance. At times, a translucent overlay is used to cover the surface to provide the desired color or the shade of the signage.
  • Open face channel letters: They are made up of aluminum, and the shape of the letter is with an open side that acts as the face of the letter, including an exposed neon tube. This form of signage has, to an extent, failed to meet the demands of the lightening law, and its demand has reduced over time.
  • Reversed-lit channel letters: They are more commonly known as halo-lit signage channel letters, and it reflects the light on the surface it has been mounted on. On installation, there is a gap between the mounting surface and the rear of the sign it gets ensured. The front side of the character is then covered with aluminum, while the back is covered with polycarbonate. This is used to cover the creatures that may then nest inside the signage. The face of the firm is reflected in its signage, and the viewers see, with the type of signage, they have installed. When mounted on the walls with different types of studs, it makes the light glow around the letters from the rear end of the character.

Benefits of the channel letters signs in NYC:

  • It gives ideal visibility. This particular advantage has made the usage of signage popular. It is usually because of the top-end visibility and signature-sized channel letter that enhances the overall name of your brand, even from a distance.
  • It is energy efficient when compared to the neon counterparts; the LED channel saves up to 30% of the total energy.
  • With the lightweight and durability of aluminum, it is capable of handling different types of weather; through extremity of hot, cold, and rains. They are also affordable and need little-to-no maintenance. The repairing of the channel letters is far more manageable as compared to the neon signs, that can take weeks to repair.

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