How to Start a Flower Shop Business

A flower shop is an excellent business for those who love taking care of plants and with a talent for flower decorating. This is a venture with a high potential for expansion as the profit margin is very high. Who knows if someday you may be the proud owner of a chain of flower shops?

For those who want to open their own flower shops, the following are some of the essential steps in starting:

• Check if you have the personal qualifications. The prospective flower shop entrepreneur must realize that having a passion for flowers and flower decoration is only one of the requirements. To be successful in this line of business you must be willing to learn business skills. Note too that you must not have asthma or be allergic to pollen, flower scents or other allergens from flowers!

• Get training in flower decoration and floriculture. You must not only know how to make beautiful flower arrangement but also be able to take proper care of the flowers by learning some floriculture which is the science of cultivating flowering and ornamental plants.

• Find suitable locations for flower shops. Flower shops do well in locations that are very visible and near to a lot of potential customers walking by. Having sufficient parking is a big advantage too if there are competitors nearby as motorists would prefer your shop.

• Know the types and quantity of flowers to stock. Inventory management skills are critical not only because of running out of stock means lost profits but also because flowers spoil quickly. The most popular flowers in the Philippines are roses, orchids, chrysanthemums and anthuriums.

• Learn the best suppliers of flowers. There are many suppliers to choose from. However, they vary in price, quality and in the availability of particular types of flowers. Initially you may try checking out Dangwa, a place in Manila where flower growers and importers from all over the country bring their goods.

• Invest in your shop’s branding. Have all your materials bear your store’s name and logo. Make the appearance of your store as pleasing as possible. Not only will it attract more customers but you can also charge a better price. If you have the funds it is suggested that you purchase a floral merchandizing refrigerator. The floral refrigerator allows you to display your flowers in the most flattering way possible. It also keeps the flowers fresh for a longer period of time and so you lose less due to spoilage. Having this merchandizing tool upgrades the image of your flower shop and will most likely allow you to price your merchandize a bit higher than the lesser equipped flower shops.

• Have a website. Flowers are one of the most often purchased items online. It is possible to earn more from your online store than in your retail outlet. The Philippines has one of the highest numbers of OFW’s and they frequently order online to have flowers delivered to their loved ones at home.

A flower shop demands a lot of care because its inventory is a living thing but the expertise needed to operate the business can easily be learned.

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