How to Start a Home Based Errand Business

How To Start A Home Based Errand Business
by: JosephAlexander

No one really enjoys running errands, do they? But if you are getting paid, there is some enjoyment to be had – which is why many people find themselves thinking about starting this type of business. Sometimes referred to as a concierge business, this type of business is booming, especially in larger cities and metropolitan areas. Starting an errand company is a low cost endeavor that doesn’t require a big investment money wise. Basically, all that you will need to get started is reliable transportation, marketing materials, and a computer equipped with bookkeeping software. A cell phone is also a must-have so that you can stay in touch with clients on the go.

Researching the Business

Before beginning, do some research on errand businesses and concierge services. This will give you a good idea of the advantages and drawbacks of running this type of business and possibly a better feel of whether or not it is right for you. With any business, you will want to have a bit of financial sense to go along with your efforts, so plan now whether or not you want to keep your own books using computer software, or if you want to hire an account to do it for you. You should also apply for your business license and any other permits that may be required before starting an errand business. Check with your local courthouse for more direction on what is required by people living in your area to legally open a small company. Determine the qualities of your particular “brand”. Who will you provide services to – busy executives, seniors, or corporations? Who makes up the bulk of the population in your niche market and how will you reach them? You need to come up with a business name, slogan, and logo. All of this will be necessary for your marketing materials. You must also purchase liability insurance that covers any liability you might take on during the course of operating your business. It is often wise to join your local Chamber of Commerce as soon as your business is up and running so that you can network with the community and build up your clientele more easily.

Marketing Your Errand Business

Getting the word out is important, so plan to do a lot of marketing initially, and have ongoing advertising efforts after you have started to build your reputation. Use all of the marketing methods that you have at your disposal, including word of mouth marketing, advertising in local newspapers, distributing fliers and business cards, and going door-to-door to your niche clients to introduce yourself to those who may need your help! And don’t overlook the most vital marketing tool of the twenty-first century: the Internet. Having an online presence is essential. You definitely want to be included in the search results for local folks who are looking for an errand service, don’t you? The only way to accomplish that is by launching your own website!

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