How to Start a Travel Agency in the Philippines

How to Start a Travel Agency in the Philippines

Starting a travel and tour agency needs only little capital. It can be a fun, exciting, and profitable business for any aspiring entrepreneur. The business has a high potential since the travel and tour industry is steadily growing as the population increases and per capita income continuously expands its market. Besides the income from the business is the chance to enjoy the perks of traveling at wholesale prices.

A travel and tour agency sells services and products relating to travel. As such, besides the expected airline tickets; you can also sell tour packages, car rentals, cruises, hotel accommodations, and many other items to supplement your main product line.

Here are the important things to do in setting up this business:

1. Decide first on the type of travel agency you want to setup. If you have substantial capital you may want to be an IATA (International Air Transport Association) member so that you can issue airline tickets. However, it is possible for non-IATA agencies to partner with IATA agencies to be able to obtain tickets for their customers.

2. Register your business. Come up with a meaningful name that will leave a favourable impression on your target market and register it with the DTI if sole proprietor or SEC if a corporation. Then get a barangay clearance before obtaining a mayor’s permit and registering with the BIR. Later on you may want to be accredited with the Department of Tourism to improve your marketing.

3. Find a suitable location. Go to where your customers are plentiful. Your place will also make a statement on the quality of your service. So do not locate in a rundown, crime ridden, out of the way location.

4. Apply with IATA if you wish to issue tickets yourself. After you have established your local legal requirements you can now apply for IATA membership. Note that you will need several million pesos for this. If you plan to be an IATA agency you should go to their website at www.iata.org where you can download their application form and read carefully the procedures on how to fill out this form.

5. Buy the necessary equipments. Only standard office equipment is needed. A computer with internet connection, a fax machine, and at least two telephones.

6. Train your employees well. A wrong booking may land your customer in the wrong country! Therefore those in charge of talking with the customers must already know what to do because mistakes will be very costly. Training in computer reservation systems like Amadeus or Abacus is important for efficient operations.

7. Join a trade association. It would benefit your business if you will join a travel agency association. You get trainings, familiarization tours, plus the credibility in belonging to a national group. Besides the other requirements, you usually would need the endorsement of a member of the association for your application to be accepted.

8. Market your business. There are many ways to market your business. Travel agencies here often resort to advertising in the newspapers. Some pay for spots in the yellow pages. There are many who focus on direct marketing and have a sales person or themselves make sales calls on corporate clients. However, besides all these, it is now vital to have a website and do some internet marketing for there is where an increasing number of customers look for their travel agencies.

The travel business is booming and now may be the best time to take advantage of this trend. With only a moderate amount of capital and a lot of energy, a person may find financial success and personal fulfillment in this venture. To find out more about this business you may attend a one-day seminar on the topic.

Click here to view details of the training program: http://www.businesscoachphil.com/how-to-start-a-travel-and-tour-business

*Originally published by the Manila Bulletin. Written by Ruben Anlacan, Jr. (President, BusinessCoach, Inc.) All rights reserved. Re-posted with permission.
By: Business Coach, Inc.

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  1. Samriena says:

    How much the Capital?
    Where I can take the seminar?

  2. Mark Henriz A. Nicolas says:

    is there any seminar dates po for starting a travel and tour business po ? Thank you po

  3. Vanessa says:

    Try to attend ng seminar sa Travel Depot. Di pa ako nagttraining pero I think it’s a good company. They will give you direct suppliers na mismo and no royalty fees whatsoever. Seems promising din iba nilang affiliates na successful na ngayon so super excited nako to start my business soon!

  4. Ana says:

    Hi.. To those interested in put up their own travel agency portal.. You can check wca travel and tour we are looking for affiliate and franchisees ..you can text me for the details 0915 064 8982.. Thanks

  5. Sheila says:

    Im planning to have a home based travel agency. Please help. Thanks

  6. Ronnie Ruben says:

    Good day! I’m planning to put a Travel Tour Agency, (Non-IATA), How to start it and to whom i can partner with AITA agencies?

  7. pearl says:

    Hi. I’m planning to start a home based travel agency. do I still need the required documents like dti/permit etc? TIA

  8. ven says:

    How to start a home based portal ticketing agency? How much is the capital

  9. Nazma says:

    How to start a home based portal ticketing agency?

  10. Nazma says:

    Hello po…
    Pwedi malaman ilan Ang capital for home based ticketing agency..

  11. Frederick says:

    Kindly send me sa dettails
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    Hi. Pwede po pasend ng lahat ng mga detalye regarding s travel and tour business

  14. Ann says:

    Papano mag avail ng portal at magkano po

  15. Good day! This is from Far Eastern Travel Agency! We are offering our home based portal travel agency. May I know your email address so we can send you an email. If you’re interested you can contact me 09179450042 or email me hcacayorin@feta.com.ph. For more info you can check our website, http://feta.com.ph/.

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