7 Other Ways to Use Cable Ties Apart from Cable Management

Plastic cable ties have affixed ends for tightening to match requirements. These devices are for affixing labels corresponding to cable and to bundle cords to make them manageable. A cable tie has about 18-pound strength for standard cables and can zip together. You can use cable ties for various other ways apart from cable management. Read on to discover these other ways to use cable ties.

cable ties

Removing a cork from a wine bottle

When lacking a corkscrew or the cork is broken when opening a wine bottle, you can use some large cable ties. This requires creating a loop with two or three large ties. Fish out the floating bits of cork after pushing them to the bottle bottom. You need the patience to figure out the best way to wedge the cork between the loop sides. This might require using force to get the cork out until you’re successful.

Child-proofing your place

When trying to keep kids out of your cabinets, you can use cable ties. These are a cheap and quick fix compared to investing in a child lock. Cable ties are a wonderful temporary solution to secure two adjacent knobs or handles and pull out. Doing this keeps the kids out of the cabinets. Opening the cabinet when you have to use it requires cutting the tie off. Using cable ties for childproofing is a temporary and affordable solution.

Tamper proofing items

You can get looking for secure cable tie to tamper-proof your items. A cable tie running between two zipper loops on a duffel bag or backpack while traveling ensures the safety of contents. At a campsite, running a cable tie through the zippers limits unauthorized access. Finding the tie broken is enough to prove that someone infringed on your property. Having a tie in place is a great deterrent to anyone planning mischief for fear of leaving proof of having messed with your property. 

Supporting plants in your home garden

Having a backyard garden is a wonderful idea. You get unlimited access to fresh veggies and fruits. Enjoying these requires taking good care of your plants. Some need extra support to stand upright and placing a stake nearby is a good idea. A loosely looped zip tie comes in handy to secure the plant stem to the stake. The tie should be loose to accommodate the potential growth of the plant to avoid accidental strangling. Stapling the ties keeps them in place without sliding up and down.

Unclog your drain

Drains are essential in your plumbing system but prone to various issues that encourage clogs. Ignoring to unclog your encourages back up and plumbing disasters. Fortunately, you can unclog your drain using a long cable tie or a string of short ones. Adding more ties gives the appropriate length for the purpose.

Cut diagonally the bottom-most tie to make them angled upwards and staggering. Bend the cut edges outward using pliers to make barbs. Afterward, feed these down your drain to eliminate clogging from hair or other build-ups. Grabbing and jostling the clog in the drain allows removing it on pulling the ties.

Creating hanging decorations

You can also use cable ties to create the temporary hanging decoration. The ties come in various colors apart from black and white to ensure that they blend in with your decorations. For Christmas, green cable ties are appropriate. Orange and brown ties are ideal for thanksgiving decorations. The versatility of cable ties allows creating decorations including hanging string lights, wreaths, and garland.

While doing your Christmas decorations, you have to separate them from the wire hanging hooks. You can create new hanging loops from cable ties for ornaments deemed unhangable. Keep in mind that the cable tie loops are better than wire hooks for completely encircling tree branches. The best thing about these new hoops is limiting the chances of your ornaments popping off the Christmas tree.

Boosting traction

During the snow season, there’s a likelihood of getting stuck. Luckily, keeping some cable ties handy can save you from the situation. You can use smaller cable ties to create grips or threads on larger ones for wrapping around the car tires.

These DIY snow chains will help make your car to get moving through a slippery road or icy parking lot.  Alternatively, loop a zip tie on the toe of your shoes with the faster facing downwards to boost traction in your movement. Clipping the extra length with the clasp offers the extra traction you desire.

Wrapping up

Cable ties are highly efficient and convenient in cable management. Luckily, you can also use these handy devices for other purposes. You can use cable ties when decorating, childproofing your place, or protecting your property from unauthorized access. A reputable online supplier is your best source for all the cable ties to match your needs.

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