Instagram Accounts to Inspire the Entrepreneurial Journey

Being an entrepreneur is hard graft and even the most boundlessly optimistic and energetic of us need inspiration from time to time. Every business owner has endured tough times and challenging moments along their journey, whether they own Google or a street corner shop. Quite often, the difference between a thriving business and a doomed venture is the mindset of the entrepreneur. If you’re willing to ride out the storm when all seems lost, you can feel confident that better times lie ahead.

This infographic from ERS IT Solutions
https://ers.ie/services/mobile-app-development-solutions/ picks out 10 of the most inspirational Instagram accounts for entrepreneurs, with Richard Branson among those included. The Virgin brand mogul often posts images of himself living the high life, but that’s down to his can-do attitude and ferocious work ethic. Instead of focusing on the challenges of business ownership, he portrays a picture of what life can be like for those whose self-belief and persistence is unwavering.

Others, by contrast, focus more on what you’ve got to do to succeed in business. For instance, wealthy entrepreneur Arvin Lal once posted this quote on his Instagram profile: “In order to be successful, your focus has to be so intense, people think you’re crazy”.

These two examples should inspire entrepreneurs in different ways. One is showing what can be achieved with determination, the other leaves you in no doubt that the road to success requires extreme patience and persistence. Either way, you’re bound to be inspired!

Instagram Accounts to Inspire the Entrepreneurial Journey 1

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