How To Make Squash Flour and Squash Vinegar

squash flourHow To Make Squash Flour and Squash Vinegar. Squash Flour is made from fresh, mature squash, sliced, blanched, dried, then powdered. Can be used as a supplement to wheat flour in bakery products. Squash flour contains approximately 1,345 mcg Retinol Equivalent (RE) per 100 grams. Squash Flour and Squash Vinegar contain vitamin A, an essential nutrient for the promotion and maintenance of good eyesight.

Squash Flour Procedure:
1. Wash and peel the squash, remove the core and seeds.
2. Slice into 1 x cm.
3. Soak in 0.01% sodium metabisulfite to preserve the natural food nutrients.
4. Wash in tap water, drain.
5. Blanch for 15 minutes, drain.
6. Dry in an oven at about 50-55oC.
7. Grind and strain several times. Pack in plastic bags and cover tightly.

Squash Vinegar Procedure:
1. Wash the core and peelings, add three parts water for every part of the core and peelings.
2. Boil for 15 minutes.
3. Strain. Add 1 1/4 cup sugar for every 4 cups of liquid mixture.
4. Roll again for 20 minutes. Transfer into a container, add 1 tsp. yeast.
5. Allow to ferment for 7 days until it reaches an alcohol content of 8%.
6. Decant the alcohol solution slowly so as to separate the precipitate from the alcohol solution.
7. Add 1 cup vinegar starter for every 4 cups of the alcoholic solution.
8. Allow to ferment for 15-20 days. Acidity of the solution is 6-7% as compared to commercial brands of 4%.

Source: ITDI (DOST)

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