The Social Media Savvy Couple

Social media is everywhere; it’s difficult to walk down the street of any town or city around the globe without seeing someone on their smartphone and it’s quite likely that they’re on one of the social networking platforms. Daily we hear people chatting about something they saw on Facebook, or someone they follow on Snapchat or how they uploaded a new story to Instagram.

When it comes to weddings, people in the last number of years have started to address the issue. Social media can be fun but for some it can be invasive. While social media is popular, many people still choose to not have a presence on any platform. This might be because they are private about their life, others might like to have profiles but rarely post and there’s those that are in between. Some couples choose to address the topic on the day and even request that people refrain from using any social media.

This might be for a few reasons: one being that the bride or groom might not want their outfit posted on social media or they might wish to only have curated photos of themselves through their own photographer. Then of course, you will have the couples who wish to fully embrace social media on the day and who wish for everyone to enjoy it also and to also contribute to the social media theme throughout the day.

Their thinking is that it builds up a bank of media from the day which allows them to see their big day from a number of angles and perspectives. Social media isn’t for everyone but for those that do wish to utilize it on their wedding day, there’s nothing wrong with that either! This infographic from the guys at Loyes Diamonds covers everything you need to know about being social media savvy at your wedding. Check out all the details below.

The Social Media Savvy Couple 1

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