Construction Technology of the Vacvina Biogas

The biogas production technology (Fig. 1) from animal husbandry wastes is a potential solution to the current energy crisis worldwide, particularly in the rural areas. This technology aims to generate recycled energy, prevent environmental pollution, minimize the depletion of forest resources, and create organic fertilizer for agricultural activities.

Production Process


The input to the biodigester comes through a ditch (Fig. 2) attached through a siphon system, with a size of 0.2 x 0.4 x 0.3 m, connecting the wastes from the animal shed to the biodigester (Fig. 3).


The biodigester is a rectangular structure with a volume capacity of over 5 m3 suited to an animal husbandry of five to six pig heads. It could be placed next to or below the animal shed.


The output of the biodigester goes through a PVC exhaust pipe with a diameter of 100-150 mm, and a vertical and horizontal length of 45 and 80 cm, respectively (Fig. 4).

Biogas Waste Box

The biogas waste box is constructed next to the bio-digester. Rice straw is deposited into this box to become organic fertilizer.

Biogas Reservoir System

This biogas reservoir system (Fig. 5) collects and stores gas from the biodigester for cooking. The system normally has two to three plastic bags with 17-20 mc. Each plastic bag has a capacity of 1.5-2 m3. The collected gas is then used as fuel for the kitchen stove (Fig. 6).

Index of Images

  • Figure 1 General Diagram of the Vacvina Biogas

  • Figure 2 Ditch Where the Input to the Biodigester Comes through

  • Figure 3 Biodigester

  • Figure 4 PVC Pipe As Output System of the Biodigester

  • Figure 5 Biogas Reservoir System

  • Figure 6 Collected Gas Used As Fuel for the Kitchen Stove

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Tel: (84 4) 8350489
Fax: (84 4) 8311768
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Source and Photos: Food & Fertilizer Technology Center – agnet.org

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