Binalot in Kabuhayang Swak na Swak

binalotBinalot which means wrapped is a Filipino fast food chain well known for offering all-time favorite Filipino meals served deliciously in banana leaves.

According to Rommel Juan, owner of Binalot Fiesta Foods, Binalot came as a childhood memories when their mom used to wrap their packed lunches in banana leaves. Rommel and his brother Raffy saw the potential of the banana leaf as a marketing and branding tool. It was in 1996 in which they started Binalot as a delivery service to minimize their overhead. They used to deliver daily to offices and condo-dwellers in Makati.

Their customers love their all time pinoyvorites rice-and-viand combinations, which they creatively named like Bistek Walastik, Pork Bongga longganisa, Tapa Rap Sarap, Vivo Tocino, Sisig na Makisig, Pride Tilapia, Sinigang with a Bang and Fiesta Adobo.

Binalot was featured in Kabuhayang Swak na Swak (www.bayanprod.com.ph). Let’s watch and be inspired by the story of Binalot, a truly Filipino fast food restaurant.

“As an entrepreneur, I cannot help but be creative. I like spotting new opportunities, as well as imagining and dreaming new concepts.”- Rommel Juan

For BINALOT Franchise Information: CLICK HERE.

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